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  1. Globalization
  2. Favela
  3. World City
  4. Redlining
  5. Blockbusting
  1. a they function at the global scale as a service of world economy
  2. b not giving funds to poorer neighborhoods
  3. c process of white families selling their homes because of fear that blacks would move in & lower property value (explains white flight of 1950's & growth of suburbs)
  4. d a shantytown or slum
  5. e development of worldwide patterns of economic relationships (we learned about the future impact this will have

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  1. an increase in some economic activity starts a chain reaction that generates more activity than the original increase
  2. a new concentration of business in suburban areas consisting of suburbs
  3. process where low cost neighborhoods are renovated by middle class to increase property values
  4. explains that price/demand for land increases closer to CBD (explains the concentric zone model and different levels of development located at distances from city)
  5. process of increasing importance of business (advertisements in cities)

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  1. Entrepottrading center where goods are exported and imported without cost


  2. Site/Situationthe absolute location of an area/the relative location of an area, its place in the region or world


  3. High-Tech Corridorsarea benefiting from lower taxes and high-tech infrastructure with the goal of providing high-tech jobs locally


  4. Zone in Transitionprocess of dispersing decision-making outwards from center of authority


  5. Infrastructuregovernment designated areas in cities that each have ~5,000 people, often correspond to neighborhoods (data is used to analyze urban patterns)