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  1. reptiles
  2. chloroplasts
  3. vascular
  4. instincts
  5. nonvascular
  1. a the special parts in plant cells to trap the Sun's energy
  2. b covered with scales and use lungs to breathe.
  3. c behaviors that are inherited
  4. d plants that have tubes to allow water and nutrients to move up and down in the plants
  5. e Are liverworts vascular or nonvascular plants?

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  1. this is a behavior that a bear must learn from it's parents
  2. kingdom that lives on land and absorbs its food from living or non-living things
  3. plant and animal cells both have a nucleus, cytoplasm, and a cell membrane
  4. traveling in search of food or a place to reproduce
  5. the largest classification group is a?

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  1. adaptationtraveling in search of food or a place to reproduce


  2. mammalsthese form the largest group of nonvascular plants.


  3. spideran example of an arthropod is a?


  4. mollusksa snail and an oyster


  5. truecells that look similar can have different jobs