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  1. invertebrates
  2. backbone
  3. true
  4. animal's fur color
  5. mosses
  1. a cells that look similar can have different jobs
  2. b a scientist classifys an animal as a vertebrate if it had this.
  3. c these form the largest group of nonvascular plants.
  4. d animals that do not have a backbone
  5. e this is an example of an inherited trait

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  1. Are liverworts vascular or nonvascular plants?
  2. plants that have tubes to allow water and nutrients to move up and down in the plants
  3. warm-blooded and they have hair or fur
  4. plants with flowers or cones produce?
  5. a state of inactivity that occurs in some animals when outside temperatures are cold

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  1. sporesferns and mosses reproduce by forming tiny cells called?


  2. speciesthe second part of an organism's scientific name


  3. cellplants with flowers or cones produce?


  4. spideran example of an arthropod is a?


  5. genusplants with flowers or cones produce?