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  1. spider
  2. migration
  3. fungi
  4. reptiles
  5. how to catch fish
  1. a this is a behavior that a bear must learn from it's parents
  2. b traveling in search of food or a place to reproduce
  3. c kingdom that lives on land and absorbs its food from living or non-living things
  4. d covered with scales and use lungs to breathe.
  5. e an example of an arthropod is a?

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  1. a scientist classifys an animal as a vertebrate if it had this.
  2. the largest classification group is a?
  3. a state of inactivity that occurs in some animals when outside temperatures are cold
  4. animals with jointed legs
  5. a physical feature or behavior that helps an animal get food, protect itself, move, or reproduce

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  1. truethe smallest unit of all living things


  2. chloroplastsholds many spores


  3. seedsplants with flowers or cones produce?


  4. organcells that look similar can have different jobs


  5. spore caseholds many spores