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  1. cell
  2. mammals
  3. species
  4. organ
  5. how to catch fish
  1. a groups of tissues that work together form a?
  2. b the second part of an organism's scientific name
  3. c this is a behavior that a bear must learn from it's parents
  4. d the smallest unit of all living things
  5. e warm-blooded and they have hair or fur

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  1. covered with scales and use lungs to breathe.
  2. a state of inactivity that occurs in some animals when outside temperatures are cold
  3. a snail and an oyster
  4. these form the largest group of nonvascular plants.
  5. the European green toad's poision glad behind it's eyes is an example of?

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  1. seedsthe first part of an organism's scientific name


  2. giant squidthe largest invertebrate is a?


  3. backbonea scientist classifys an animal as a vertebrate if it had this.


  4. vascularAre liverworts vascular or nonvascular plants?


  5. instinctsbehaviors that are inherited


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