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  1. nucleus
  2. seeds
  3. spores
  4. species
  5. cell wall & chloroplasts
  1. a what are the two things that a plant cell contains that an animal cell doesn't?
  2. b the second part of an organism's scientific name
  3. c the control center of the cell
  4. d ferns and mosses reproduce by forming tiny cells called?
  5. e plants with flowers or cones produce?

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  1. this is an example of an inherited trait
  2. a scientist classifys an animal as a vertebrate if it had this.
  3. pine trees reproduce by making seeds but they do not have these.
  4. the largest classification group is a?
  5. warm-blooded and they have hair or fur

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  1. invertebratesbehaviors that are inherited


  2. cell membraneanimals that do not have a backbone


  3. arthropodsanimals with jointed legs


  4. spiderferns and mosses reproduce by forming tiny cells called?


  5. chloroplaststhe special parts in plant cells to trap the Sun's energy