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  1. genus
  2. flowers
  3. cell wall & chloroplasts
  4. organ
  5. mammals
  1. a what are the two things that a plant cell contains that an animal cell doesn't?
  2. b groups of tissues that work together form a?
  3. c warm-blooded and they have hair or fur
  4. d the first part of an organism's scientific name
  5. e pine trees reproduce by making seeds but they do not have these.

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  1. the control center of the cell
  2. animals that do not have a backbone
  3. behaviors that are inherited
  4. the largest invertebrate is a?
  5. this is an example of an inherited trait

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  1. fungithe first part of an organism's scientific name


  2. microscopetraveling in search of food or a place to reproduce


  3. spideran example of an arthropod is a?


  4. kingdomthe largest classification group is a?


  5. migrationa state of inactivity that occurs in some animals when outside temperatures are cold