Hangar Familiarization


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What is the purpose of an aircraft hanger?
To provide an environmentally protected area to perform maintenance on aircraft or store them away from the elements
What are Type I hangers primarily designed for?
Carrier aircraft, but are adaptable to meet requirements for rotary wing and various types of smaller aircraft
What size are Type I hangers?
235 feet wide by 85 feet deep
How big are type II hangers?
119 feet deep by 325 feet wide
What aircraft are type II hangers designed for?
CH53 Helicopters, V-22 Ospreys and C-130 Hercules aircraft
What size are type III hangers
165 feet wide by 165 feet deep
What aircraft are type III hangers designed for?
Land based patrol and large transport aircraft
Aircraft grounds provide what amount of ohm for ground and discharge of stray voltage from the aircraft?
10 ohm or less
What are the different types of fire protection systems installed in the aircraft hangers?
Low Level AFFF with low profile nozzles
Closed head water only overhead sprinkler system
Optical detection system to activate low level AFFF
What size are the largest hangars that are located on CVN's?
110 feet wide by 685 feet long with 25 feet of overhead clearance
How many aircraft can a CVN hanger hold?
How long does it take for the divisional doors to close?
18 seconds