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oath or pledge. God pledges to us that he will love us forever.


is a set of patterns that order our lives; they regulate celebrations and are meaningful actions associated with an experience or celebration


God's unconditional love


a sign which points to unseen reality; grows out of an experience which is not arbitrary because it points beyond ourselves

to weave

what does "in nao" mean?

in nao

from what root does the word initiation come from?


saving symbolic act that comes out of the ministry of Christ; it forms us in Christ's likeness; is continued through the Church

baltimore Catechism

Who said that a sacrament is an outward sign instituted by Christ to give grace?

Vatican II

Who said that a sacrament is a visible sign of God's invisible grace?

extreme unction

what is another way of saying "last rites" (in Latin)


Anointing of the Sick can be recieved _____ times


THIS word means blessed in the service of Christ


God's unconditional love

Holy Orders

What sacrament brings men into priesthood?


a sign which points to unseen reality; grows out of an experience which is not arbitrary because it points beyond ourselves


THIS word literally means the phrase "come back together"


reconciliation began where

venial sin

a type of sin where we have moved away; sin of slight matter

mortal sin

a type of sin of grave matter; DEATH TO GOD; you have failed God, and fellow man


The temptation to commit sin is THIS; inclined to sin; lifelong struggle with sin


THIS means "change of heart"


TRUE or FALSE? When we hurt others, we are alienated from God.


doing the wrong thing is what type of sin?


not doing the right thing is what type of sin?


declaration of invalidity because there is a defect in form


TRUE or FALSE? First Communion is a one time sacrament.


THIS is an external sign of an internal sorrow


THIS is recognizing your wrongdoings


saying sorry; making things right with god.

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