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when cocaine is injected or smoked, it produces a rush of euphoria that lasts 15-30 minutes. But the stimulant drug_______can trigger eight hours or so of heightened energy and euphoria


the capacity of one brain area to take over the functions of another damaged brain area is known as brain_______


Professor Smith told one class that drinking alcohol has been found to increase sexual desire. He informed another class that drinking alcohol has been found to reduce sexual appetite. The fact that neither class was surprised by the information they received best illustrates the power of__________

hindsight bias

Rodesia insists that Dr. Phillip's theory of aggression be checked against observable evidence. She is demonstrating the scientific attitude of _____


a researcher would be most likely to discover a positive correlation between_______

intelligence and academic success

studying people of all races and cultures is most helpful for______

discerning human similarities and differences

looking inward and reporting your immediate sensations, images, and feelings is called_________


Lissette wonders whether personality differences between her African-American and Asian-American friends results from biological or cultural influences. In this instance, Lissette is primarily concerned with the relative contributions of _______

nature and nurture

A perspective that clearly focuses on how we learn observable responses is _______


Professor Assad suggested that a cautious attitude toward sexual encounters has proven to be more reproductively advantageous to woman than to men because the birth process is time-consuming. This suggestion best illustrates the logic of a__________theory of sexual behavior


to demonstrate that brain stimulation can make a rat violently aggressive, a neuroscientist should electrically stimulate the rat's______


Reuptake refers to the_______

reabsorption of excess neurotransmitter molecules by a sending neuron

messages are transmitted from your spinal cord to your heart muscles by the ________

autonomic nervous system

If psychologist discovered that wealthy people are less satisfied with their marriages than poor people are, this would indicate that wealth and marital satisfaction are__________

negatively correlated

Surgical destruction of brain tissue is called_________


the association areas are located in the________

cerebral cortex

the ability to simultaneously copy different figures with the right and left hand is most characteristic of those whose _________has been cut

corpus callosum

at 3 o'clock in the morning, John has already slept for 4 hours. As long as his sleep continues, we can expect an increasing occurrence of ________

REM sleep

The claim that hypnotic phenomena occur outside our normal awareness is associated with the theory that hypnosis involves___________


Research most clearly suggests that personality traits are more strongly influenced by ____________

genes that by home environment

The sequence of brain regions from the evolutionary oldest to newest is__________

brainstem, limbic system, cerebral cortex

alcohol consumption tends to__________

increase self-awareness and decrease impulse control

one biological basis for addiction involves brain activity in the _________ reward system


One _______would be that older adults are better drivers than are young adults. Thus, a ___________would be that drivers age 40 and older have fewer traffic accidents than do drivers age 16 to 39

theory; hypothesis

Adam has been having a hard time waking up in the mornings and feels groggy all day. He can't seem to fully wake up. He may be having problems with his___________

reticular formation

John is investigating which gender is first to initiate


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