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What is resistance?
The opposition to current
The formula for OHMS Law is I=_/R
How many generators are on the H-60?
Each generator on the H-60 provides _HZ.
There are three generator control units (GCUS). There is one for each generator. They regulate generator input and provide over and under voltage protection as well as under frequency protection. (T/F)
What provides power for the DC essential bus and provides power to the APU for starting?
A thermocouple is a junction of two similar metals that produce voltage when heated. (T/F)
The pitot static system consists of a pitot-static tube and __ indicators, all connected with tubing that carries air.
The barometric altimeter reads altitude from sea level and the radar altimeter reads altitude from terrain.
The radar altimeter has a range of 0 feet to __?
DCP stands for?
Display Control Panel
HF stands for hover fueling? (T/F)
The missile warning set provides indication of what kind of missiles?
Surface to Air
Air to Air
EMR stands for?
Explosive Mishap Report
There are ___ categories of HERO?
An exercise torpedo does what?
Runs but does not explode
The H-60 is required to have two fire extinguishers onboard. (T/F)
The basic equipment required for a rescue swimmer include?
The rudder pedals changes the angle of the tail paddles which controls?
The lock pin pullers are made of?
Copper Beryllium
The main rotor head is a fully articulated rotor head and it rotates counterclockwise when viewed from above. (T/F)
The APU Supplies?
Pneumatic power for engine start
Provides bleed air to the ECS System
Provides limited electrical power for ground operations
How many quarts does the hand pump reservoir hold?
The transition section includes the fuel system pumps and valves and the mission avionics components. (T/F)
The master warning panel is mounted?
Beneath the instrument panel glare shield
When was the battle of coral sea?
7-8 May 1942
Before it was known as the USS Jupiter, what was the name of the former Collier or Coal-Carrier that became the names first carrier?
USS Langley
What was considered the turning point of the war in the Pacific?
Battle of Midway
What is speed?
Rate of Movement
How many laws did Newton create pertaining to motion?
What principle states that when a fluid flowing through a tube reaches a constriction or narrowing of the tube, the speed of the fluid passing through the constriction is increased and its pressure decreased?
Bernoulli's principle
Lift must be greater than or equal to ____if flight to be sustained.
Longitudinal axis is an imaginary reference line running parallel to the wings. (T/F)
Fixed wing aircraft have these for movable surfaces?
What is a method of allowing a helicopter to land safely from altitude without using engine power?
Angular Descents
This landing gear component absorbs the sock that otherwise would be sustained by the airframe?
Shock strut
NALCOMIS stands for Naval Aviation Logistics Command Organizational Management Information System. (T/F)
This is a 9 character alphanumeric code that is the basis for data collection?
How many basic core capabilities are there in Naval Aviation?
Sea control is the ability to project from the sea is the essential combat element of the maritime strategy. This core capability is uniquely suited to the strengths of naval aviation. (T/F)
What aviation community performs rescues, logistic support, and mine countermeasure?
What aviation community provides basic and advanced training to students?
Which Fixed F=Wing squadrons employed for both fighters and attack missions?
HAZWASTE is defined as any material that, because of its quantity, concentration, or physical or chemical characteristics, may pose a substantial hazard to human health or the environment when purposefully released or accidentally spilled. (T/F)
How many categories of hazmat are there?
Training for all hands on hazmat should include?
Types of hazmat in their work area and aboard ships
What HAZWASTE is and how to dispose of it
Emergency Procedures
How many types of hangers are there in naval aviation?
The largest hangers are the CVN or aircraft carrier hangar bays; they are 110 feet wide by 685 feet long with 25 feet of overhead clearance encompassing 1.4 acres of maintenance and storage space. (T/F)
CO2 is primarily used to fight what class of fire?
Bravo and Charlie
What color flight deck jersey does the landing signal officer wear?
Where are the fire T handles located?
engine control quadrant
Where are the cockpit emergency window release located?
Inside of cockpit doors
Where are the Iheels located?
each cabin door or window
What do adheels do?
How to exit points from aircraft
What does ADC stand for?
Air Data Computer
What does ECS stand for?
Environmental Control System
What does the auxiliary fuel tank receptacles allow for?
transfer of fuel from auxiliary tank to main fuel cells
Where is the accel null switch located?
Port side lower console
What are the two areas on the helicopter which you must pay particular attention during a corrosion inspection?
Gear boxes and avionics
How do you wash a helicopter?
Starting at tail and from bottom to top
What is the purpose of the main rotor head dampers?
Restrain hunting motion of the main rotor blades
What is the name of the force of gravity pulling a helo downward?
What is the name of the force in which friction of air is pushing on the helo?
Pulling the collective stick up or down changes?
Pitch of all four main rotor blades at the same time
The rudder pedals are use to control?
Pitch of the tail rotor blades and control A/C heading (vertical/yaw axis)
What does RAST stand for?
Recover, Assist, Secure, Traverse
How many gallons does each fuel cell hold on an MH-60S?
Pre-check valves shall significantly reduce or stop fuel flow to main fuel cells within?
5-10 seconds
Where is the main transmission located?
Top of the helicopter in the center of the main rotor pylon
What does the free wheel unit allow for?
Main transmission to spin freely of the engines if the transmission rotates faster than the engine input gear
What happens if hydraulic fluid is decomposed by heat?
toxic gases are released
What does the hydraulic patch test measure?
Metallic contaminants
Non-metallic contaminates
How many hydraulic pumps are on the H-60F/R/S?
Why is it important to ensure the area around and under the stab is clear of personnel and equipment prior to applying power?
Due to the stab going full down once power is applied
What is current (I)?
A directed movement of electrons in a conductor or circuit from positive to negative
What are the three objectives to first aid?
Prevent further injury
Prevent further infection
Prevent loss of life
What are the characteristics of a first degree burn?
Produces redness, warmth, and mild pain
Heat exhaustion is a very serious condition caused by a breakdown of the sweating mechanism of the body. The victim is unable to eliminate excessive body heat buildup. Symptoms may include hot and/or dry skin, uneven pupil dilation, and a weak, rapid pulse. (T/F)
Superficial frostbite is when ice crystals are forming in the upper skin layers after exposure to a temperature of 32 degrees or lower. (T/F)
What is the first step to the key to survival for victims of cardiac arrest?
Recognition/Activation of CPR
Which of the following is not a step of ORM?
Assess hazards
Implement controls
Discover solution
Discover Solution
Chemical warfare is the employment of chemical agents that are intended for use in military operations to kill, seriously injure, or incapacitate personnel due to their physiological effect. (T/F)
What is an atropine/2-pam-chloride auto injector used for?
Specific therapy for nerve agent casualities
IPE for chemical/biological agent environments consists of?
Gloves with liner
How many classes of fire are there?
Class Bravo fires are?
Occur with flammable liquid substances such as gasoline, jet fuels, oil, and other petroleum based products
Which of the following is classified as flight line protective equipment?
Impact helmet
Protective goggles
leather gloves
What are the dimensions of threshold markings?
Runways are normally numbered in relation to their magnetic heading rounded off to the nearest ___ degrees.
What color jersey do plane captains wear?
What color jersey do aviation fuel crew wear?
Windshield static grounding is necessary because during flight a high voltage (___volts) static electrical charge may build up and be stored in the windshield.
How many chains are required for moderate weather tie-down?
What is the highest level of DEFCON calling for maximum force readiness?
The NAMP is founded upon the three-level maintenance concept and is the authority governing management of O-level and I-level aviation maintenance. (T/F)
The main difference between maintenance control and production control is the level of maintenance at which the duties are performed. (T/F)
NATOPS was established by the United States Navy in?
When did Bullet-10 crash?
HSC-23 is capable of providing ASW to the fleet. (T/F)
Type II hangar is primarily provided for US Marine Corps Aviation. (T/F)