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  1. coinage
  2. anticipating audience response
  3. call to action
  4. attitude
  5. satire
  1. a writing that urges people to take action or promotes change
  2. b a word or phrase made, invented or fabricated.
    EX: man-crush
  3. c closely linked with the authors tone of a piece, can also be the underlying feeling behind a tone.
  4. d rhetorical technique often used to convince an audience where in an argument, the opponent will likely give and then answer these arguments before the opponent has had a chance to voice them
  5. e a technique that ridicules both people and societal institutions, using iron wit, and exaggeration.

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  1. type of figurative language in which the whole is used for the part of the part used for the whole. In "the dying year," the whole is used to stand for a part, "autumn",
  2. words of phrases, characteristics or appropriate ordinary or familiar conversations rather than a formal speech writing
  3. the idea that there are principles governing correct or
    reliable inference
  4. pertains to actual things, instances, or experiences: opposite of abstract
  5. Language use to distort and manipulate rather than to communicate

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  1. antecedentthe word to which a pronoun refers (whose place it takes)


  2. Dictionthe choice of words in a work of literature and an element of style important to the work's effectiveness


  3. conceitpertains to actual things, instances, or experiences: opposite of abstract


  4. Metonymyfigure of speech characterized by the substitution of a term naming an object closely associated with the word in mind for the word itself EX: the king=the crown


  5. chiasmusa type of balance in which the second part is balanced against the first, but with the parts reversed. EX: flowers are lovely, love is flowerlike