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  1. Ellipsis
  2. Narration
  3. Logical Fallacies
  4. abstract
  5. attitude
  1. a the designating qualities or characteristics apart from specific objects or events. opposite of concrete
  2. b closely linked with the authors tone of a piece, can also be the underlying feeling behind a tone.
  3. c the omission of a word or words necessary for complete construction, but understood in the context.
  4. d the story of events and/or experiences that tell what happened.
  5. e methods of pseudoreasoning that may occur accidentally or may be intentionally contrived to lend plausibility to an unsound argument.

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  1. figure of speech characterized by the substitution of a term naming an object closely associated with the word in mind for the word itself EX: the king=the crown
  2. A self contradictory combination of words or smaller verbal units
  3. a phrase or statement that while seemly is contradictory or absurd may actually be well-founded or true.
  4. a type of balance in which the second part is balanced against the first, but with the parts reversed. EX: flowers are lovely, love is flowerlike
  5. techniques a writer uses to create and reveal fictional personalities in a work of literature. describing, appearance, actions, thoughts, and feelings

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  1. Imagerythe use of language to convey sensory experience, most often through the creation of pictorial images through figurative language


  2. comparison/contrastrhetorical technique for pointing out similarities or differences


  3. defensive/offensiveis a method of specifying the basic nature of any phenomenon, idea, or things.


  4. satirea figure of speech involving a comparison using like or as


  5. classification and divisionwriting that urges people to take action or promotes change