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Sociology Quiz 3

An 83 year old woman is placed at a small table in a dark corner of a trendy nightclub and is ignored by the staff. Her shoddy treatment is probably due to her age, which is a ______ status.
In the story of Angela Whitiker's Climb, which factors were part of the central argument for her rising out of poverty?
education and emotional support
the owner of a major league baseball team can fire employees for not winning a pennant, have the city build him a new ballpark, and prevent companies that compete against his own team from airing advertisements during the team's televised games. in Max Weber's view, this owner would most likely be considered to have:
According to Janny in the Book Class Matter, "It was beginning to become clear to most economists that mobility in the US was neither what they had long believed nor what most Americans took for granted."
the realization of the American Dream as a myth, class impacted on health and the lfespan of Americans, class as the primary predictor in accessng elite education.
In Class Matters, David Cay Johnston refers to the term hyper-rich to mark the trend of
the growing wealth gap between the most moneyed and the "merely rich"
In the film, Ppl like us, and the book Class Matters, both discuss the cultural shift in the markers of class. book said "Social class once so easily assesses by the car in the driveway or the purse on the arm, has become harder to see in the things Americans buy" This reflects the relationship between social institution in what way?
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A woman is born into a homeless, single-parent family. She is very talented and as an adult, becomes a wealthy, world-acclaimed pianist. This scenario most closely represents which type of stratification system?
Despite the changes in social class markers, professional employment is still centrally important marker to the middle class identity. Still, the role of professionals within the American economy is surprisingly different than just 20 years ago. Which of the following statements most accurately illustrates the relationship between the economy and the middle class?
Many Americans achieve professional employment through education, but economically are unable to achieve significant mobility
A stratification system that implies that the position of each individual is influenced by the person's achieved status is referred to as
open stratification system
poor, chronically unemployed people who barely survive form winter to winter are and example of
the underclass