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avoir + être

Full conjugation of the verbs 'avoir' and 'être' in the present tense. It is very important to know these in order to talk about yourself and your friends. We use 'avoir' when talking about age, hair, eyes, and siblings We use 'être' when talking about physical description and personality
To have
To be
I have
Tu as
You have
Il/Elle a
He/She has
On a
We have (one has)
Nous avons
We have
Vous avez
You (Plural) have
Ils ont
They have
Elles ont
They (Feminine) have
Je suis
I am
Tu es
You are
Il/Elle est
He/She is
On est
We are (one is)
Nous sommes
We are
Vous êtes
You (plural) are
Ils sont
They are
Elles sont
They (feminine) are