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What doe sthe word bible mean?


What does scripture mean?


Who spoke to the people who wrote the bible?

Holy Spirit

What is god enpowering men through the Holy Spirit to speak and write the truth?


What are God's spokesmen who speak to God through God?


What are the words spoken by God through men?


What is the definition of gospel?


What is another name for Mt. Hereb?

Mt. Sinai

What was created on the First Day?


What was created on the Second Day?


What was created on the Third Day?

seas, trees and plants

What was created on the Fourth Day?

sun, moons, stars

What was created on the Fifth Day?

fish, birds

What was created on the Sixth Day?

cattle, wild animals, man

Who does the Serpent represent?


Who was Noah's sons?

Shem, Ham and Japheth

Why was Noah saved from the flood?

he was righteous/just

Where did Abram travel from?

Ur, Haran, Canaan

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