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agreeing with God as to your sin


the account of wrongdoing


a person whose words do not match his or her behavior


praying for the needs of others


placing thoughts before your mind in order to move your heart toward God

obey, don't just hear

2 builders

narrow vs. wide

2 gates

choosing good teachers

2 eye hindrances

roman procurator

only one who could pronounce death penalty


a religious leader who also had political power

water at noon out of shame

woman at the well

gospels side by side to weave the complete story of Jesus

Harmony of the Gospels


an earthly story with a Heavenly meaning


fallen angels


God declares Christians to be without sin because of Jesus' sacrifice


goodness, excellence of character

1.Be yourself; God knows you 2.Be disciplined; practice prayer 3.Don't judge prayers by feelings; feelings are fickle 4.Be silent; focus on God 5.Don't focus on prayer's results; prayers aren't instant, but insistent

5 prayer life prinicples

1.He called himself a man 2.Human body, experienced joy and sorrow 3.He was born 4.wept, drank, ate, weary, tempted 5.He chose not to sin

5 reasons why Jesus was human

1.Connects christ to OT 2. Contains more references to OT 3. shows JC as king of Jews

what does matthew tell us (3)

1.Jesus and handicapped and children 2.written for non-jewish 3.perfect man with eyewitnesses

what does luke tell us (4)

1.truly God's Son 2.not a synoptic gospel

what does john tell us (2)

shows jesus as a suffering servant

what does mark tell us 1

Healing of Centurion's servant

kept Jesus from bein defiled and showed importance of faith

raising widow of Nain's son

no faith required just compassion

sinful woman washes Jesus' feet

Jesus defiled himself by allowing her to touch Him and showed forgiveness leads to love

fullness of time

perfect time for Christ to enter the world


name given to Jesus christ meaning, God with us


greek for Joshua


Family line


prophesied to become the savior of the world

1.participated in creation 2.always God's Son 3.not omniscient on earth 4.lord, liar, or lunatic 5.communication between God and man 6.not readily accepted by people 7.holds world together

Jesus (7)

1.immaculate conception 2.did not inherit sin nature 3.allows us to see what God is like 4.accomplished God's plan 5. set pattern for incarnation

incarnation of christ 5


an organized set of principles or teachings


completely pure


in the flesh


to bring together in peace


to show disrespect to God

born of a virgin yields sinless human, qualified to redeem humanity; by the power of the Holy Spirit he is god incarnate will all the attributes of God

how was Jesus both God and Man

born again

to enter God's family through faith in Christ


undeserved favor of God


to die or be destroyed


required strict observance of the law


politically motivated to keep power; did not believe in resurrection

1.always tell the truth 2.tell the whole truth 3. tell the truth in love

truth principles (3)

1.parents were elderly 2. father deaf and mute 3. Zacharias saw an angel at the temple

birth of John the baptist 3

1.Repent! 2.Kingdom of God is near 3. he must increase; i must decrease

message of John the Baptist 3

1.voice from heaven 2.good conscience toward God 3.not for own sins

Baptism f Jesus 3

1.Salome's dance pleased the tetrarch 2. imprisoned for telling the truth

persecution and death of John the baptist 2




look with lust


don't except for unfaithfulness

making oaths

yes be yes and no be no


let God do it

treatment of others

turn the other cheek

1.bad things happen in a sinful world, expect it 2.suffer for doing right, God will reward 3.I choose wrong actions, suffer now or later 4.I choose wrong friends and suffer with them or bad rep

Trails to trouble (4)


Natural leader


A tax collector

Inner circle

Peter, James, john

Peter, Andrew, James, john, philip

Fishermen and fishers of men

1.God said so 2.Jesus said so 3.I said so 4.eyewitnesses said so 5.he has all the attribbutes of God

Jesus, God's son (5)

1.nobody more famous 2.nobody more conversial 3.more books written about him 4.changed lives 5.teachings changed world 6.inspired art 7.led to hospitals, orphanages, schools

Jesus, most influential (7)

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