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1800-1820: Jefferson/Madison/War of 1812

The Embargo act of 1807 caused which of the following events to occur?
New England experienced a tremendous loss in shipping revenues
Which president did not gain his political prominence from his fame as a "war hero"?
Thomas Jefferson
After his inauguration in 1817, Monroe toured New England as was well received in this prominently Federalist era. Not knowing of impending economic disaster, the press declared...
America had entered the Era of Good Feeling
Which of the following statements concerning the Treaty of Ghent is true?
It declared that status quo ante bellum should occur
Which of the following events occurred during the War of 1812?
All of the above
Which of the following statements would best describe Jefferson's opinion or actions in the acquisition of new territory?
All of these statements are true statements
Which of the following presidents directed a military retaliation against the "pasha of Tripoli"?
Thomas Jefferson
The "revolution of 1800" was not really that revolutionary. Which of the following statements best explains this idea?
Jefferson's margin of victory had been extremely narrow so he could not make wholesale changes
The Burr conspiracy was important because...?
All of these
Which of the following was an important foreign policy decision during the Monroe administration?
The Adams-Onis Treaty was signed
Which of the following statements about Marbury vs. Madison is correct?
All of these statements are true about the case
Aaron Burr was involved in which of the following famous incidents?
He was involved in all of these incidents
John C. Calhoun and Henry Clay were part of a congressional group known as..?
War Hawks
Which of the following was not a cause of the Panic of 1812?
All of these were factors which helped to create panic
Which of the followings statements concerning the Missouri Compromise is incorrect?
Slavery would be eliminated in Missouri gradually over a 25 year period
The most radical elements of the Hartford Connecticut supported this course of action?
Secession by New England
This French colony experienced a slave uprising which caused Napoleon to abandon all of their North American holdings?
Jefferson's simple economic formula which would undo Hamilton's financial programs relied on this strategy?
Cut Military Spending
This general won an impressive victory against an Indian force at the Battle of Tippecanoe?
William Henry Harrison
When Jeffersonian Republicans acknowledged the wisdom of the old Hamiltonian ideas, they were said to have been...?
This secretary of the Treasury issued a plea for Congress to renew the National bank's charter in 1811?
Albert Gallatin
This legislation was a poor substitute for the Embargo Act of 1807?
Non-Intercourse Act
Secretary of State, John Quincy Adams, strongly felt that the Monroe Doctrine should be a unilateral statement. Why?
He felt that the British navy would block any French or Spanish threat to Latin America
The Oregon Territory was claimed by which of these nations
All of these claimed the territory at some point in time
"Old Republicans" could be defined as...
Original followers of Jefferson who adhered to the doctrine of "strict construction" after the Louisiana Purchase