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9 - Air Navigation/Navigation Aids


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Circles parallel to the equator are called
parallels of latitude
the prime meridian is the
line located at 0 degrees longitude
Positions on earth surface are described in terms of
lat and long
1 NM = SM
UTC is also referred to as ___ time
Jet routes start and end at what alt?
18,000 ft MSL to FL450, inclusive
Angular difference between true and magnetic north at a given location is called
In error navigation the term "track' refers to
the actual path over the ground
The navigational method based solely on computing time, airspeed, distance, and direction is
dead reckoning
The basic form of navigation which uses visual reference to landmarks is
The method of navigation that requires the use of ground-based transmitters is called
radio navigation
The purpose of parallels of latitude lines as for measuring degrees of latitude
north and south of the equator
Which NAVAID is a ground-based electronic navigation system that transmit a very high frequency signal through 360 radials and used to support the victor airway and jet roots
Which NAVAID is used mainly for military purposes, providing suitably equipped aircraft continues bearing and distance
Which NAVAID contains both a TACAN and VOR?
A NAVAID that transmits low/medium freq non-directional signals is called?
A precision instrument app system designed to provide horizontal and vertical guidance to an aircraft on final approach to a specific runway is called?
Speed indicator reading uncorrected for instrument, position, and other errors.
Speed of the aircraft relative to the mass of air in which it is flying
Actual speed of the airplane over the ground
Direction and aircraft is pointed with respect to magnetic north
magnetic heading
Angle between the heading and the track is...
drift angle
VORs are the principal NAVAIDs that support the ____ and ____ airways
victor and jet
Ground and airborne equipment, used to measure in nautical miles, slant range distance of an aircraft from the navigational aid
DMV reliable signals may be received at distances up to ____ at line-of-site altitude with an accuracy of better than ___ or ___of the distance

1/2 or 3%
Method of navigation that permits aircraft operating any desired course with the coverage of station referenced navigation signals are within the limits of a self-contained system capacity
Satellite bass radio navigation system, which broadcast signal that is used for sears to determine precise position anywhere in the world. The receiver track multiple satellites and determines a psuedorange measurement that is then used to determine the user location
Minimum of how many satellites is necessary to establish an accurate three-dimensional position
Provides horizontal guidance along the extended centerline of the runway
Provides vertical gardens toward the runway touchdown point usually at least 3° slope
Glide Slope
Provide range information along the approach path
Lights that assist in the transition from instrument original flight
Approach lights
Same as a localizer, but it is not aligned with the centerline of the runway
All weather, Percision landing system originally intended to replace or something and instrument landing system's
The VOR L/MF airway system consists of airways designated from ____ ft AGL up to but not including ____ ft MSL
1,200; 18,000
Federal airways are located on
En Route Low alt charts
Federal airways includes the airspace within parallel boundary lines ___ miles each side of the centerline