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A media Buyer knows that:

All the above

Which of the following statements about advertising objectives is FALSE?

They should be left to creative ad agencies, not the marketing manager

Competitive advertising which makes specific brand comparisons-using actual names-is (Blank) advertising


"Competitive Advertising" tries to:

Develop selective demand rather than primary demand

The largest share of total advertising expenditures in the United States goes for:

Television and cable advertising

Regarding advertising., the Federal Trade Commission:

All the above

Which of the following is the BEST example of an advertising objective?

"We want 35% of our target customers to be aware of our new product within the next two months"

When a producer has won brand insistence in its target market--and just wants to keep the product's name before the public--it can use:

Reminder Advertising

Advertising which tries to develop primary demand for a product category rather than a specific brand is called:


"Cooperative advertising" involves producers:

And middlemen sharing in the cost of local advertising

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