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Bernard Herrmann & John Williams
from New York
Miklos Rozsa
from Budapest Hungary
Max Steiner
from Vienna Austria
Jerry Gold Smith
from Pasadena California
Howard Shore
from Toronto Canada
Harry Theme
depicts his joy and triumph, plays the drama, theme for Harry Potter
Socerer's stone theme
3 note motif, its very deep, plays when they talk about it, mysterious, theme for Harry Potter
Voldemort theme
very dark and eeiry depicts his evilness, theme for Harry Potter
Parent's theme
represents Harry's mom and dad and when he thinks about them, theme for Harry Potter
wind theme
strings imitate it to make it scary, Theme for Harry Potter
Hedwig Theme
played for magic scenes, theme for Harry Potter
Ring Theme
its sad because it wants to go back to its owner (Sauron), its in minor key, almost plays psychological subtext, theme for Lord of the Rings
Fellowship/Traveling Theme
it depicts when they are traveling, 2nd half it depicts their walk to Mordor, theme for Lord of the Rings
Shire/Hobbit Theme
depicts Frodo, Same, Mary, Bilbo, Pippin, and the Shire, it switches instruments to depict how they are moving away from the shire and its getting dangerious, Theme for Lord of the rings
Sauron's Theme
depicts the evilness of him and Mordor, 4 note motif, theme for Lord of the rings
New Orc Warrior Theme
depicts the evilness of Sauruman and the orcs, theme for Lord of the Rings
Rings of Godon Theme
depicts Boromir and his people, Theme for Lord of the Rings
Wraith Theme
minor key, Evilness of the wraith, Theme for Lord of the Rings
Love/Beauty theme
depicts Ann, theme for King Kong
Doom and danger theme
foreshadows that there is danger ahead, theme for King Kong
Kong theme
depicting that he is big and fierce, theme for king kong
traveling theme
played during the calm/peaceful scenes, theme for king kong
Tranquil theme
played each time they were walking in the jungle, theme for king kong