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random prototype drugs and what they are for

Pharmacology 215 University of Alberta
drugs for hypertension
hydrochlorothiazide (hydrodiuril), nifedipine (procardia), enlapril (Vasotec), doxazosin (Cardura), hydralzine (Apresoline)
diuretic for hypertension
hydrochlorothiazide (dydrodiuril)
calcium channel blocker for angina and hypertension
nifedipine (procardia)
Ace inhibitor for hypertension
enlapril (vasotec)
Adrenergic blocker for hypertension and BPH
doxazosin (cardura)
Direct acting vasodilator for hypertension
hydralazine (apresoline)
drugs for heart failure (HF)
lisinopril (prinivil), cavedilol (coreg), furosemide (lasix), milrinone (primacor), digoxin (lanoxin), Isosorbide dinitrate (isordil)
Ace inhibitor for HF
lisinopril (prinivil)
Beta-adrenergic blocker for decreased heart rate and blood pressure and HF
Carvedilol (coreg)
loop diuretic for HF
FUrosemide (lasix)
phoshdiesterase inhibitor for HF
milrinone (primacor)
cardiac glycoside for HF
Digoxin (lanoxin)
Vasodilator for HF and angina
isosorbide dinnitrate (isordil)
drugs for coagulation disorders
alteplase (activase), ticlopidine (pentothal), heparin (heplock), aminocaproic acid (amicar), warfarin (coumadin)
thrombolytic for coagulation disorders
alteplase (activase)
antiplatlet for decreased stroke risk and coagulation disorders
ticlopidine (pentothal)
parenteral anticoagulant for coagulation disorders
heparin (heplock)
hemostatic for postoperative bleeding and coagulation disorders
aminocaproic acid (amicar)
oral anticoagulant for DVT and PE and coagulation disorders
Warfarin (Coumadin)
Drugs for asthma and other pulmonary disorders
beclomethasone (beclovent), Salmeterol (serevent), dextromethorphan (benylin)
anti-inflammatory glucocorticoid
beclomethasone (beclovent)
bronchodilator: beta-adrenergic agent
salmeterol (serevent)
dextromethorphan (benylin)