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What is an argument

A set of statements where some of the statements (premises) are offered in support of another statement (the conclusion).

What is the difference between an argument and an assertion?

An argument is to show that some statement is true. While an assertion is or is not true or false.

What is the difference between an argument and an explanation?

Chief aim of an argument is to show that some statement is true. Chief goal of an explanation is to show why some statement is true.

What is the difference between deductive and inductive arguments?

A deductive argument is supposed to give logically conclusive support to their conclusion. Inductive arguments are supposed to offer only probable support for their conclusions.

What is a valid argument?

A valid argument is an argument in which the truth of the premises would gurantee the truth of the conclusion.

What is a sound argument?

A sound argument is a valid argument with all true premises.

What is the difference between argument defeaters and counterarguments?

Argument Defeater: Aims to show that a given argument fails to adequately support its conclusion. Argument Against: Aims to show that the conclusion of an argument is false.

What is the difference between descriptive statements and normative statements?

Descriptive Statement: Are statements about how things ought to be. Normative statement: Are statements about how thing are or have been.

What are moral arguments? What do they need to succeed? Why?

A moral argument is an argument, the conclusion of which is a moral claim. For it to succeed, at least one of the premises must be a moral claim. The conclusion of a moral argument is a moral claim, and you cannot derive a claim about the ways things ought to be solely from the claims about the way things are.

Two ways to criticize an argument?

To show that at least one of the premises is false. To show that the premises don't adequately support the conclusion/

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