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Classical Civilizations

600 B.C.E - 600 C.E.
Note: Power review said it's from 1000 B.C.E - 400 C.E.
China, India, Mediterranean.
More elaborate political structures could control more territory.
Improved agriculture, manufacturing, and city life.
More elaborate philosophical and religions systems. Expanded math and science.

Zhou Dynasty

Alliances with regional princes and noble families = vulnerability.
Declined when regional landowning aristocrats solidified their own power.

Qin Dynasty

Centralized state rule.
Expanded boundaries of China.
Great Wall.
Qin Shi Huangdhi - despised because of abusive power.

Han Dynasty

Centralized state rule.
Expanded boundaries of China.
Wu Ti - enforced peace, great prosperity. Supported Confucianism.
Conquered by the Huns.

Mauryan Dynasty

1st to unify much of the continent.
1st = Chandragupta, who had personal and military power.
Huge armies and substantial bureaucracy.
Ashoka = another ruler.
Extended boundaries, improved trade and communication. Extensive road network.

Gupta Dynasty

Smaller than Mauryan Dynasty.
Rulers were less striking but had more impact than Mauryan rulers.
Political stability for 2 centuries.
Conquered by Huns.

Greek Civilization

Strong city-states, each with own government with either a tyrant or aristocratic council.
Peloponnesian Wars: Sparta vs. Athens. Fought over control of Greece. Sparta won.

Roman Empire

Brought peace and prosperity to Mediterranean.
Tolerated political and religious diversity.
Slow but decisive fall, which took place over 250 years.


Merged Greek art/culture with other Middle Eastern forms. Like the Greek approach in science, stressed regional regulations of nature.

Alexander the Great

Conquered Persian Empire.
Advanced borders of India.
Attempted to combine Greek and Persian culture.


5th century B.C.E.
Athenian political leader.
Guided development of Athenian Empire.

Punic Wars

Series of 3 wars.
Rome and Carthage.
Rome won and remained dominant until 5th century BCE.

Silk Road Trade

Transmitted goods, language, disease, culture, etc.
Helped spread Buddhism/Islam.

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