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A ___ is a prewritten formula that is built into Excel.


An ___ alerts Excel that you are entering a formula or function and not text.

Equal Sign

Values used with a function are called ___.


The order in which calculations are performed in a formula is called the _____.

Order of Operations

___ allows you to select cells for use in a formula by using the mouse.

Point Mode

The ___ function sums the numbers in the specified range and then divides the sum by the number cells with numeric values in the range.


Use the ___ function to display the highest value in a range.


An easy way to verify that a formula references the cells that you want it to reference is to use Excel's _____.

Range Finder

Formatting that appears only when the value in a cell meets specific conditions is called ____.

Conditional Formatting

____ means that the width of a column will be increased or decreased so the widest entry will fit.

Best Fit

To alert Excel that you are entering a formula and not text, type an ___ preceding the formula.

Equal Sign

If the following arithmetic operations all are found in a formula with no parentheses, which one is completed last?


when you copy a formula with relative cell references down a row, ___

The row references change in the formula

You can select a range using the keyboard, just press the ___ then use the arrow keys to select the desired range.

F8 Key

You can enter functions

With the keyboard or mouse
The sum menu
And the Insert Function box in the formula bar

The ___ function is used to determine the lowest number in a given range.


To assign a dollar sign to appear immediately to the left of the first digit with no spaces, us a ___.

Floating dollar sign

When Excel automatically sets the width of a column based on the widest entry in the column, it is called ___.

Best Fit

Excel has a ___ you can use to check the worksheet for spelling errors.

Spell Checker

____ is the process of finding and correcting errors in a worksheet.


Pressing the F9 key instructs Excel to recalculate all formulas. T/F


In the formula =4*6-8, the subtraction operation is completed before the multiplication operation. T/F


The order of operations is from right to left. T/F


Point mode allows you to create formulas using the mouse. T/F


When an error occurs in a formula in a cell, Excel displays the Trace Error button next to the cell, and places a green triangle in the upper left of the cell. T/F


A blank cell in Excel has the numeric value of -1. T/F


To use Range Finder to verify that a formula contains the intended cell reference, double-click the cell containing the formula you want to check. T/F


A condition for a cell can only be true or false. T/F


Hiding cells is a technique you can use to hide data that you do not want others to see. T/F


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