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One of the most important characteristics of a nurse is to be ___ with patients about anything that could potentially harm them:
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In 1836, the first school of nursing was established in Kaiserworth, Germany, by:Theodor Fliedner.In 1897, the Nurses Associated Alumnae of the United States was formed in an effort to:oversee training to protect patients from incompetent nurses.The purpose of the National League for Nursing is to:set standards and rules in nursing education.All states required practical nurses to be licensed in the year:1955.The title licensed practical nurse (LPN) is used in all states except California and:Texas.The National Council Licensure Examination for Practical Nursing (NCLEX-PN) is:taken in order to practice as a nurse.A nurse recruiter is seeking a graduate nurse who has been educated more extensively on management and leadership. The graduate nurse who most likely fits this description is the:Baccalaureate degree nurse (BSN).The Nurse Practice Act is the law that:governs the actions of nurses.The Nurse Practice Act establishes:the scope of practice for each level of nurse.While caring for a patient, a nurse performs a nursing action that is not within his or her scope of practice. The nurse has violated the:Nurse Practice Act.The Nurse Practice Act is enforced by the:State Board of Nursing.A nurse is caring for a resident in a long-term setting. The nurse best demonstrates a caring approach when:asking the resident's spouse to bring a family picture for the residents' room.A nurse is caring for multiple patients on a medical unit. The nurse can best practice the art of nursing with an emphasis on caring by:individualizing care provided to each patient.The nurse recognizes that additional teaching is needed when the student nurse states:it is not within my scope of practice to notify someone of abnormal findings.The nursing instructor recognizes that further instruction is necessary when the student nurse states:professional organizations limit my ability to influence laws and policies.A nursing instructor teaches students that Florence Nightingale was:a provider of nursing care during the Crimean War.The student nurse recognizes that Lillian Wald is best described as:the first visiting nurse and founder of the Henry Street Settlement.The student nurse recognizes that Mary Mahoney is best described as:the first president of the National Association for Colored Graduate Nurses.Martha Rogers nursing theory is based on the goal of:maintaining an environment free of negative energy.After providing a.m. care for his patient, a nurse forgot to put the bed in the lowest position and left one of bed rails down. The patient got out of bed and fell. The nurse could be reported to the board of nursing for:negligence.A nurse has been reported to the board of nursing for performing skills that are outside her scope of practice. The nurse should expect:a hearing by the board of nursing to determine whether the charges are true.A nurse witnesses a coworker taking a medication ordered for a patient. The nurse's first course of action is to:report the incident to the nurse supervisor.A 17-year-old patient injured during a football game is in the ER. Before treatment, it is the responsibility of the nurse to:obtain the custodial parent's signature on the informed consent.A mentally competent patient with a terminal illness refuses to take his medications, stating, "I don't want to live like this." The nurse will:report the patient's decision to the physician and continue to provide appropriate compassionate care.A nurse feels that his patient needs to be placed in a protective-restraint device to protect him from injury. To place a patient in restraints:the nurse must have documentation that other methods have been used and failed to protect the patient.A nurse explains to a patient that an instructional directive means:there are written guidelines specifying care desired and under what circumstances.The nursing process is a:decision-making framework used by nurses to determine the needs of a patient.While reviewing the nursing diagnoses in a student nurse's written care plan, a nursing instructor recognizes that additional teaching is warranted when the student nurse includes a nursing diagnosis of:chronic fatigue syndrome related to poor diet.Student nurses are encouraged to practice using skillful reasoning and logical thought to determine the merits of a belief or action. This approach best describes:critical thinking.While caring for a patient who is complaining of abdominal pain, the nurse determines that the top priority is to manage the patient's pain with medication. This step in the nursing process is called:planning.While documenting in a patient's chart, the nurse recognizes that:documentation is evidence of what transpired during an event requiring medical care.The nurse recognizes that additional teaching is warranted when the student nurse states:the purpose of the written documentation is to serve as a legal record for health-care provider only.For patient care to be effective, it must be delivered periodically. True or False:False.A nurse is caring for a patient who just fell from the bed onto the floor. The nurse should write a(n):incident report.Martha Rogers theory is based on the goal of:maintaining an environment free of negative energy.Margaret Newmans theory is based on the goal of:recognizing one's pattern of interacting with the environment.Indian Health Service is an example of public health insurance. True or False:False.Aetna is an example of public health insurance. True or False:True.When teaching a class of nursing students about advanced practice nursing, a nursing instructor states:a nurse practitioner can diagnose illnesses and prescribe medications for them.A patient has refused to take the medication brought in by a nurse. The nurse will chart:medications refused; physician notified.A nurse assures the patient that the physician will support whatever decision is made. This nurse is acting as the patient's:advocate.PES stands for:Problem, etiology, and signs and symptoms.When a patient complains of pain, a nurse assesses the pain level and administers pain medication. Using the DAR charting, the nurse should chart these actions under:action.A nurse explains to a patient that health is measured on a continuum scale and that:the higher the measurement is, the better one's health is.According to Fitzpatrick's rhythm model theory, a patients health:is the result of the interaction between an individual and the environment.To provide culturally competent nursing care, the nurse will:become familiar with any facet of the patient's culture that may have an impact on his or her care.Rituals, values, customs, and beliefs are a patients:culture.A nurse provides care that is unique to a patients race. The nursing is taking into account the patients:ethnicity.A nurse provides care to the whole patient, incorporating withing that care the cultural context of the patients beliefs and values. The nurse is providing care that is:culturally competent.A nurse plans care that includes a patients health care beliefs because:it could determine whether a patient rejects a treatment or not.A nurse recognizes that the relationship among all living things is:holism.A nurse recognizes that a therapy used instead of conventional treatment is:alternative therapy.a nurse recognizes that a therapy used along with conventional treatment is:complementary therapy.Swedish massage:features long, flowing strokes, kneading, vibration, and compression.Shiatsu massage:Japanese-style, uses thumb pressure to work along energy meridians and is similar to acupressure.Reflexology massage:belief is that internal organs are associated with the nerve endings on the sole of the foot, based on the idea of energy pathways that are present in the body.The nurse determines that the patient who is most at risk for injury from trying to get out of bed is:an 84-year-old patient who has fecal impaction.A national standard for patient safety has been established by the organization that is responsible for evaluating and accrediting health care organizations and programs in the US. This organization is known as:The Joint Commission.A nurse is caring for a patient who has a history of falls. The nurse would intervene if the or she observed the CNA:instructing the patient to put his or her call light on when finished using the commode.When asked why pain is considered the sixth vital sign, a nurse explains to a patient that pain:is a baseline that allows measurement of slight changes.A nurse understand that patient with a history of congestive heart failure has a low cardiac output resulting from:weakened and damaged heart muscle.A nurse explains to a patient that blood pressure measures:the amount of force being placed on arteries by blood.Diastolic pressure is a measurement of:the amount of force blood places on the arterial walls while the ventricles contract.One finding that should be an expected result of long-standing hypertension is:blood work suggestive of kidney failure.It is important to slowly change positions to diminish or eliminate the symptoms of:postural hypotension.How does core temperature differ from tympanic temperature:taking the core temperature is more reflective of the environment the internal organs are being exposed to.A nurse removes the blanket used to cover the patient because the patients temperature was:103.6 degrees F oral.Ovulation can be identified by an increase in body temperature caused by:an increase in progesterone.A nurse is unable to palpate a patients dorsalis pedis pulse. The nurse will next attempt to palpate the:posterior tibialis.A nurse identifies that it is difficult to hear both heart sounds. This would be charted as:heart tones are muffled.A nurse, unable to palpate the left pedal pulse on a patient with diabetes, should next:use the Doppler to listen for the left pedal pulse.These changes depict increased intracranial pressure:increased blood pressure, decreased respiratory rate, and decreased pulse rate.A patients respirations are faster and deeper than normal because:his blood oxygen level indicates hypoxemia.It is normal for the fever to increase her metabolic rate. Because the heart and lungs work together, you see her breathing speed up along with her heart rate. True or False:True.Shortness of breath while walking back from the restroom is:exertional dyspnea.The nurse hears fine rales in the patients lower lobes bilaterally. Fine rales are described as:sounding like hair being rubbed between the thumb and index fingers.A nurse is caring for a patient who has been on prolonged bedrest and is now experiencing shortening and tightening of the muscles due to disuse. This condition is known as:contractures.When proper flexion of the ankle is lost and permanent plantar flexion of the foot develops, the condition is known as:footdrop.A condition that occurs because of a loss of bone minerals, which leads to an increased risk for skeletal fractures is known as:osteoporosis.When caring for a patient who is confined to a bed, a nurse recognizes that the patient is at increased risk for the formation of a blood clot, which is known as:thromboembolism.A nurse recognizes that the most preventable cause of death during hospitalization is:an embolism.Prevention of venous thrombosis includes:performing passive range-of-motion exercises.Before applying a warm pack to reduce a patients discomfort from back spasms, a nurse will:assess the skin for edema and color.Cold therapy decreases swelling and pressure on nearby nerves, which helps decrease pain. True or False:True.Which method of heat therapy is continuous:aquathermia k-pad.While bathing a patient, a nurse finds that the patients previous IV site is tender and vein feels hard upon palpation, indication inflammation. The nurse should apply:a warm compress using a washcloth dipped in hot water.A nurse is aware that a patient is at increased risk for falling due to orthostatic hypotension. This risk contravenes the use of which method of heat therapy:a sitz bath.A 15-year-old is diagnosed with a bad sprain. A nurse recognizes that the injury involves:torn ligaments.Bone lengthening can be stimulated by usingan Ilizarov frame.A nurse is caring for patients on an orthopedic unit should be most concerned by:redness and purulent drainage at an external pin site.A nurse is caring for a patient with a chest tube who has notable crepitus at the chest tube site, extending across the chest about 3 inches. The best statement the nurse can make is:there are some new, small pockets of air under your skin that I'd like to have the doctor examine.The patient of the highest priority is:a 22-year-old with pneumonia who is restless and confused.A nurse notes a new order for sputum specimen for culture to be collected on a 91-year-old. The patient has a weak cough. The best action by the nurse is to:Explain the order to the patient and plan sputum collection for the following morning.The movement of fluid from extracellular to intracellular compartments is most depending on:water intake.An example of diffusion is:the movement of oxygen into the blood.A symptom of third spacing is:swelling in the extremities.While caring for a patient with dehydration, a nurse will include what in the patients plan of care:alteration of body temperature.What recommendation should be included in the dietary teaching of a female college athlete:a woman your age needs to drink nearly 3 liters of fluid a day.What individual will be at the lowest risk for electrolyte imbalance:a 42-year-old with an estimated blood loss of 1/2 pint because of traumatic injury.While caring for a patient with fluid and electrolyte imbalances, a nurse would be most concerned by what:lung fields with crackles noted bilaterally.A nurse is providing care for a patient admitted with nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea who has order to remain NPO. Family members want to know why she can't have anything to drink:it is best to let her bowels rest, but you can use these mouth swabs to help her feel more comfortable.Which patient should the nurse see first:a 94-year-old with a history of congestive heart failure receiving IV D51/2NS with 20 mEq potassium chloride at 120 mL/hr.What is the cause of low blood urea nitrogen level:fluid volume excess.A nurse caring for a patient taking the diuretic furosemide (Lasix) would be most concerned by what:muscle spasms.While caring for a patient taking furosemide (Lasix) a nurse recognizes that teaching is successful if the patient chooses what food:oranges.What statement indicates to a nurse that a patient taking an osmotic diuretic needs further teaching:taking this medicine will make my body hold on to salt and water.When reviewing laboratory values of multiple patients with fluid and electrolyte imbalance, a nurse recognizes that what value represents a therapeutic response to treatment:Sodium=136 mEq.What IV fluid may be included in the treatment plan of a patient with hyponatremia:normal saline (NS).A nurse is informed that a patient has new orders for sodium polystyrene (Kayexalate). What statement documents the patients care:telemetry shows normal sinus rhythm; Kayexalate provided; patient had two stools this shift.A nurse would be concerned if a patient with hypercalcemia related to breast cancer reported taking what medication:Digitalis (digoxin).A patient with hypercalcemia is at increased risk for what additional electrolyte imbalance:hypophasphatemia.For a patient with alkalosis, a nurse would expect what assessment:rapid respiratory rate.The R in RACE, stands for what:rescue.The A in RACE, stands for what:alarm.The C in RACE, stands for what:confine.The E in RACE, stands for what:extinguish.RACE stands for what:Rescue, Alarm, Confine, Extinguish.The P in PASS stands for what:pull.The A in PASS stands for what:aim.The first S in PASS stands for what:squeeze.The second S in PASS stands for what:sweep.PASS stands for what:Pull, Aim, Squeeze, Sweep.