AP US Unit 5 Birth of the Whig Party

Formed when and why?
In the 1830s in opposition to the Democrats.
What did they believe?
Activist government, support government economic measures- national bank, paper currency, corporate charters, government should help reform movements.
Whig characteristics?
Tended to support Britain, Protestant, Northern, gained in South but only frontier.
Election of 1836?
First election between Whigs and Democrats, presidency was difficult from start because of financial panic caused by Andrew Jackson and the specie circular. Paved way for Whig victory in 1840. Van Buren wins, Democrat.
Election of 1840?
William Henry Harrison: Whig candidate. , larger voter turnout bc of dissatisfaction with Buren. Harrison dies after one month, John Tyler.
Tyler's presidency?
More Democratic, not very good President, selected as President bc was a War of 1812 hero. Sings treaty in 1844 annexing Texas but it doesn't bc of the northern fear of spread of slavery.
Why did the Whig Party die out?
Election of 1844?
Democrat- James K. Polk. Whig- henry Clay. Polk wins, accomplishes his goals of presidency but causes more separation between the states.