Chapter 14 part 2

an Waterman was able to sense pain and temperature because his _______ pathway was intact, but could not feel touch and limb position because of damage to his ____ pathway.
spinothalamic; lemniscal
The area on S1 associated with the thumb is as large as the area for the forearm. This is an example of
cortical magnification.
Jan is a right-handed violin player (which means that she uses the fingers on her left hand press down the strings). The cortical representation for the fingers on her left hand is
larger than the area for the fingers on the left hand of a non-musician.
Which of the following body parts has the lowest two-point threshold?
Lucky, a heterosexual female, would be able to keep her hand immersed in cold water longer if she was
looking a pictures of attractive males.
Research by Derbyshire et al. (2003) showed that
hypnosis can affect pain perception, and the brain activity associated with pain.
Which of the following structures is not part of the pain matrix?
Based on the finding that ______________________, it is believed that endorphins are linked to pain relief.
naloxone injections decrease the analgesic effect of endorphins and placebos
are morphine-like substances found in the body.
When participants played an online game and felt they were being excluded from the game by the other "players," the participants reported feeling _______, and fMRI activity in______ increased.
distressed; the ACC