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1300s in Mexico.
Tenochtitlan/Tlatelco - cities on lake islands.
Known to as a tribute empire.
1434 - were the dominant regional power.


Aztec clans. Evolved into residential groupings that distributed land and provided labor and warriors.


Aztec beds of aquatic weeds, mud and earth placed in frames made of cane and roots.
Floating islands that helped with irrigation.


1400s in the Andes.
Groups of clans/ayullu centered at Cuzco.
Roads = building tool for the powerful empire because the government was able to communicate easily with all parts of the empire.

Human Sacrifice

Rulers used it as a means of political terror.
Believed sun god (Tonatiuh) and god of warfare/sacrifice (Tezcatipoca) drew strength from sacrifice.
Debated whether motives were terror or religious.

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