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Sui Dynasty

Wendi - founder, reunified China with the support of the nomadic warrior elite.
Popular because it lowered taxes and established granaries (a cheap, stable source of food supply).
Imperial rule crumpled under Yangdi.
618 - dynasty collapsed.

Tang Dynasty

Founded by Li Yuan.
Armies extended the empire's reach to Tibet, Vietnam, Manchuria, and Korea.

Song Dynasty

Zhao Kuangyin - founder, reunited China in 960.
Rulers promoted the interests of the Confucian scholar-gentry over aristocrats and Buddhist monks.
Smaller than Tang.

Wu Zhao

Only woman emperor.

Era Of Division

Period of political disorder and chaotic warfare that followed the Qin-Han era.


Students that passed the most difficult exams, which made them eligible for high office.

Pure Land Buddhism

Stressed salvation.
Popular among the masses.

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