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Understanding Latino and Culture Final

Santiago PINON
Elizabeth Dyer
Sense of community leads to meaningful work and care of wider community
Ann Carr
Sprituality; Deepest Beliefs actions in whole to what is "Ultimate"
Maria Pilar Aquino
LFT Inspiration from Latin American Liberation Theology and feminist Theology
National Hispanic Leadership Institute
Very Intelligent Latino Women working in an all white-male dominated society, still retaining their culture and identity
Peter Kostenbaum
VICR; Vision, Integrity, Courage, Realism
Story of Lily
Here for not only ourselves but mostly others, we act on our Spirituality
Story of Cecilia
Latina Culture tight Knit, Always sign of sorrow when they would lose a son in WWII; Close to her mother will all of the talking they did: Felt like she was there in the 1930's and 40's
Anna Maria Tepedino
Cry of woman comes from within the massive cry of the poor and oppressed in the midst of the exploitation and misery in which the majority of the population lives
Spritual resistance in hebrew structures amung the women of exodus
tells events around birth of moses, midwives stop Pharoahs orders to kill every first born
Two Midwives
Shiprah and Puah
Gloria Anzaldina
"Future is the Mestiza, the straddling of two or more cultures"
Creating a new mythos
Change in behavior, how we see our self--La Mestiza creates a new conciousness
La Mestiza
Constantly shifts in strategy to move toward a single goal
Miguel Leon-Portilla
An aesthetic conception of the universe, to know the truth is to understand the hidden meaning of things through flor y canto
The concept of the individual in manifest is through...
...Rostro y corazon
Nora O. Lozana Diaz
Protestant, Lady of Guadalupe not present in homes
Circulos Feminales
Women Church Groups
Virgin Mary
Centrally catholic, became part of the anti-catholics thought of the protestants
Octavio Paz
Series of essays is presenting lady of Guadalupe as an example of perfection, purity and submission
Marin Paradox
Marianismo--Sacrifice, Chastity; dispensing care not receiving it
Luke I:26-38
Vessel to fulfill gods plan; subject, did not consult anyone about becoming a mother, not even future husband
Luke I:46-55
suggests not a very submissive mind; combined to suggest how she wasn't such a mothering figure, containing strong will and social consciousness
Una voz desconocid
Hispana-Latina has remained unknown, still very active and present in workforce and churches
Two Central feminine Figures
Maria de Guadalupe and Malintzin/Malinalli
daughter of Chief Xaltipan--Translator, Knows three languages, son named Martin
Popul Vah
Mayan Creation Story
Julian Esquivel
Sun responds to male and moon to the female