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These cards will enable Mrs. Marker's 7th graders to review for their exam on Western Europe and India

Scandinavian Peninsula

The countries of Finland, Sweden, and Norway

English Channel

Body of water separating UK and France


Mountain range separating Italy and Switzerland


Capital of France


Capital of Portugal


Capital of Germany


Capital of Italy


Mountain range separating France and Spain

Ganges River

Most important river in India and to Hindu religion

Sri Lanka

Island country SE of India


Group of islands SW of infia

Thar Desert

Major desert in India


Country that borders India to the NW


Capital of Pakistan

New Delhi

Capital of India

Bay of Bengal

Body of water that borders India to the east

Arabian Sea

Body of water that borders India to the west


Capital of Sri Lanka

Middle Ages

Also known as the Medieval Period

Black Death

Also known as the Plague--killed 3/5 of Europe's population


The political, social, economic system during the Middle Ages


Major religion of Western Europe

Mediterranean Sea

Body of water that influences the culture of countries such as Frace, Spain, and Italy


All Western European countries have some form of this type of government

Bastille Day

The day known as the start to the French Revolution

Indus River Valley

The largest agricultural area of India


When companies conduct their business in foreign countries


The country that colonized India


The non-violent resistance leader that helped India gain independence from Britain


This empire promoted religious tolerance, centralized government, and built the Taj Muhal. Several people included Babur, Akbar, and Shah Jahan.

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