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  1. Saint Margaret Clitherow
  2. interdict
  3. Otto the Great
  4. Saracens
  5. St augustine of canterberry
  1. a prohibition against celebrating sacraments in a certain area
  2. b army of nomadic muslims, attacked southern italy
  3. c took over charlemagne's empire after it fell into disunity
  4. d sent by pope Gregory to convert the English
  5. e his priests during prosecution, pressed with stones

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  1. weakened popes political power
  2. perfects
  3. Olaf, Eric, Canute, stephen
  4. lay investiture, simony, celibacy
  5. dutch monk, humanist

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  1. showingsjulian of norwich's term for her mystical encounters with christ


  2. Feudalismassociated with Issac Hecker


  3. pope john paul Ismiling pope


  4. saint charles borromeofirst miedeval theologian invent idea of scholasticism or faith seeking understanding


  5. decided jews did not have to follow lawsorthodoxy