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  1. Feudalism
  2. followers of Albigesians
  3. Saint Anselm
  4. pacchimus
  5. belief consistent with revealed truth
  1. a credited with establishing first monastery
  2. b first miedeval theologian invent idea of scholasticism or faith seeking understanding
  3. c orthodoxy
  4. d system of contracts among groups of people designed for making use of the land and protecting people working on it *represent power and responsibilities
  5. e perfects

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  1. introduced monasticism to the west
  2. Olaf, Eric, Canute, stephen
  3. prohibition against celebrating sacraments in a certain area
  4. papal infallibility
  5. took over charlemagne's empire after it fell into disunity

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  1. vision of mary inspired miraculous metalhis priests during prosecution, pressed with stones


  2. Margaret of scotlandweakened popes political power


  3. peace of Westphaliaweakened popes political power


  4. Saracensarmy of nomadic muslims, attacked southern italy


  5. conciliar ismbelief that church councils have greater authority than the pope