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  1. Americanism
  2. Thomas more
  3. 3 main challenges church faced during middle ages
  4. saint charles borromeo
  5. decided jews did not have to follow laws
  1. a council of jerusalem
  2. b catholic layman, patron of lawyer
  3. c associated with Issac Hecker
  4. d called for reform at council of trent, oversaw the feeding of thousands a day
  5. e lay investiture, simony, celibacy

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  1. took over charlemagne's empire after it fell into disunity
  2. perfects
  3. credited with establishing first monastery
  4. two brothers responsible for the conversion of slavic people
  5. papal infallibility

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  1. Margaret of scotlandenglish princess who brough christianity to scotland


  2. St augustine of canterberryfirst miedeval theologian invent idea of scholasticism or faith seeking understanding


  3. risked life during french revolutionJulie billiant


  4. vision of mary inspired miraculous metalhis priests during prosecution, pressed with stones


  5. showingsjulian of norwich's term for her mystical encounters with christ