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  1. 3 main challenges church faced during middle ages
  2. Thomas more
  3. conciliar ism
  4. abbot Berno
  5. Otto the Great
  1. a introduced monasticism to the west
  2. b lay investiture, simony, celibacy
  3. c catholic layman, patron of lawyer
  4. d took over charlemagne's empire after it fell into disunity
  5. e belief that church councils have greater authority than the pope

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  1. perfects
  2. two brothers responsible for the conversion of slavic people
  3. associated with Issac Hecker
  4. Olaf, Eric, Canute, stephen
  5. Catherine lebourne

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  1. Erasmusdutch monk, humanist


  2. principle teaching of Vatican Ismiling pope


  3. pope john paul Ismiling pope


  4. risked life during french revolutionJulie billiant


  5. Saint Margaret Clitherowcalled for reform at council of trent, oversaw the feeding of thousands a day