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In the episode 'Pilot', who is the first member of the office to have a 'confessional' interview?
In the episode 'Spooked', who do we find out is deathly afraid of mummies?
Kevin Malone
In the episode 'Casino Night', who are the two women that Michael invites?
Jan Levinson and Carol Stills
Who plays Robert California?
James Spader
Who plays Michael Scott?
Steve Carell
Who plays Dwight Schrute?
Rainn Wilson
Who is Michael's first girlfriend in the series?
Jan Levinson
Who does Andy propose to in the episode 'Goodbye Toby'?
Angela Martin
Who does Michael hate more than anyone in the world?
Toby Flenderson
Who is Michael's second girlfriend?
Carol Stills
What is the name of the episode where Michael converts the Michael Scott Paper Company office into a dancing cappuccino party room?
'Cafe Disco'
What is the name of the episode where Ryan steals an idea from Kelly and she says that she thinks she is going to sue him?
In the episode 'Threat Level Midnight', who plays the President of the United States?
Daryl Philbin
In the episode 'Garden Party', who announces everyone who walks past him?
Dwight Schrute
What is the name of the episode where Andy takes the rest of the office to get 1000 dollars to get to the 8 percent growth to sales that he promised to Robert California?
In the episode 'Scott's Tots', what does Michael give to the students instead of college tuition?
laptop batteries
In the episode "Koi Pond", who falls into the pond?
Michael Scott
In the episode "Secret Santa", who does Erin get as her secret Santa? What does this person give her?
Andy Bernard. 12 days of Christmas
In the episode "Mafia", which two people convince Michael that he is dealing with a mobster?
Dwight Schrute and Andy Bernard
What was the flavor of sports drink Michael told Ryan to save while Ryan helped clean Michaels car?
Blue Blast
What was the group Jim created to anger Dwight during his active manager time?
The Fist
What caused Dwight to put the correct prices on the senators dog charity auction (what was his reasoning)?
He thought it was was a Quaker Auction. You guess the price, you win the prize.
What did Dwight put in Michaels hair to remove the gum?
Peanut Butter
Dwight mentioned _________ in the peanut butter used for gum removal and Michaels response was:_________(multiple words)
The high Calories and Well just don't leave it on too long.
What did Andy and Kevin have to do to get their Parking spots back during construction?
Assemble the Five Families
How did Angela know that Dwight mercy killed her cat?
She found the body and a clawed up bag of french fries in the freezer.
What did Michael say to Darryl at the beginning of the Rabies Run check in after he saw Darryl feeding a Squirrel? Darryl says but he's happy! What is Michaels response?
He's happy because he's insane!
What was the neon sign Michael resurrected during the hectic dinner party?
St. Paulis Girl beer sign
What was Jan's first assistants name?
What was Michaels remark after he sipped his wine during charades at the dinner party?
That has an oak-ey after birth
How much was the plasma screen TV Jan broke? And how did she break it?
200 dollar plasma screen TV, She threw a Dundee at it.
What was the character Michael used to scared everyone into thinking prison was bad?
Prison Mike
What odd type of guards did Prison Mike say were terrible while he was in prison?
The Dementors
A Wooden Mallard
What did Dwight hide a listening device in so he could eavesdrop on Jim to get Jim fired.
A Recording Pen
Jim found the wooden mallard containing Dwight's listening device, what other device did he (Jim) not find?
Arctic Chill
What flavor of sports drink did Michael tell Ryan to put in front cup holder for the purse girls ride home?
Goodbye my Lover - James Blunt
What song did Michael sulk to in his office when he found out the chair model he liked was dead?
Koi Pond
What did Michael fall into while leaving a business meeting with Jim?
What 'top salesman prize' did Michael buy and try to give the purse saleswoman?
Starbucks Coffee set
What did Dwight give birth to when Michael was planning for Jan's baby to be born?
A watermelon
What was Michael's reason for dropping the Watermelon baby?
It was covered in butter. Newborns are slippery.
What is the main brand of computers in Dunder Mifflin?
HP, (Gateway, Dell for some)
What operating system do Dunder Mifflin computers use?
Windows XP
What does the parachuting poster behind the front desk say?
What kind of candy is usually at the front desk?
Jelly beans
What candy did Jim and Pam bring back from Puerto Rico?
Cocoa Leche
How much did Michael pay for the 'Marijuana' to frame Toby?
What was actually in the Ziploc bag of 'Marijuana' Michael bought?
Caprizzi Salad
What is the name of Andy's Alma mater?
What is the name of Andy's college singing group?
Here Comes Treble
What street do Jim and Pam live on? What's it by?
Linden Ave. By the quarry.
Why did Creed file a complaint that the bathrooms were whites only?
The man on door sign was white
What were the two options the office could choose to buy with the year end surplus?
Chairs or a Copier
What/where did Michael buy when he decided to give back the surplus for a bonus (he never followed through)?
Fur coat from Burlington Coat Factory
Where did Roy leave Pam on one of their dates?
A high school hockey game
What was Dwight eating when he walked in to see others feasting on Brownies? (Frame Toby)
Beef Jerky
What is Dwight's favorite color of shirt?
Mustard Yellow
What did Dwight say when Jim suggested they get Packer to leave with a prank saying he'd won Justin Bieber tickets?
Who's Justice Beaver?
What of Hollys did Michael knock into the trash and pour salad dressing on?
Woody from Toy Story
At the Employee of the Month ceremony that Dwight rigged, after Jim won, what did the delivery man bring?
A custom cake
What was the name of the group of kids that Michael promised college tuition too?
Scott's Tots
What did Michael give in lieu of college tuition to the kids?
Laptop battery's
What did Michael say after getting everyone to quiet down upon telling them he was giving them laptop battery's instead of college tuition?
They're lithium!
What was the jingle Scott's Tots sang?
Hey Mr. Scott what you gonna do, what you gonna do, make our dreams come true!
What was the name of Michael's screenplay?
Threat Level Midnight
Who was the trainer of Michael Scarn in Threat Level Midnight?
Cherokee Jack
Who did Jim play in Threat Level Midnight?
Golden Face
Pam ruined which one of Jim's pranks by laughing (after moving to sales)?
Adding more keys to Dwight's key ring in hopes that his pants would fall down.
How did Meredith get Rabies?
Dwight trapped a bat in a garbage bag over her head
What did Michael 'Carb Load' on before the Rabies run?
Fettuccine Alfredo
What was Michael's response to Darryl saying 'He's happy!' As he fed a Squirrel before the Rabies run?
He's happy because he's insane!
What did Michael awkwardly say to the stripper during his dance at Bob Vance's bachelor party?
Do you use Tide? Tide detergent? You smell like Tide
What was the name of Angela's cat that Dwight killed?
What did Michael call Angela's dead cat as he spoke to everyone when they got mad at him for hitting Meredith with his car?
What was the last name of the insurance salesman Michael thought was mafia?
What did company the 'mafia' insurance salesman work for?
Mutual of Harrisburg
What did Michael say the 'mafia' insurance salesman 'Vaguely threatened him with'?
Testicular Cancer
What were the medals made of during the Office Olympics?
Yogurt lids and Paper clips
What was the Office Olympics event called that involved shuffling a distance on paper boxes?
What did Andy hide on top of the supply shelf for Dwight to find in order to return a favor?
Starbucks Gift Card
What is on the sticker stuck to the filing cabinet at Dwight's desk?
Froggy 101
What did Michael get Joe (Sabre CEO) as a going away present?
A piece of coal from the Anthracite museum
What was the prize for winning the basketball game?
Not having to come in on Saturday
What is the coveted award won by Dunder Mifflin employees?
What was odd about Phyliss's Dundees nameplate?
It said Bushiest Beaver instead of Busiest Beaver
Why did Dwight get pulled over while escorting Jim and Pam to the hospital?
Impersonating a police officer
What was used to quiet Michael and Dwight from fighting in Meredith's van on the way to the hospital?
Water in a spray bottle
What snack food was popular at the Michael Scott Paper Company?
Cheese balls
Who originally wrote the quote on the white board at the Michael Scott Paper Company?
Wayne Gretzky -- Michael his (Gretzkys) name in quotes and put his own name as the writer
During the downfall of the Michael Scott Paper Company, what did Michael say he thought would be the saddest day of his life?
When Steve Martin died
What did Michael host in order to drum up more business for the Michael Scott Paper Company?
Pancake Luncheon
What did Dwight say to intimidate Danny Cordray in the clients lobby?
She said, 'That's the biggest penis I've ever seen!' And I said, 'That's why I took you to the penis museum whwre tickets are a $1,000 dollars!'
Michael did not work for a week straight when he first discovered what?
What animal was in the video everyone watched instead of Michael's printer fire press conference?
Baby otter
What did Darryl have Andy do as he did a demo of Sabre printers to see if they caught fire?
Talk higher and higher
What program did Ryan as CEO want everyone to use?
Microsoft PowerPoint
What cellular device was given to all essential employee personnel during the Dunder Mifflin Infinity launch?
Why did Phyllis not like using her company issued BlackBerry?
The buttons were to small
What position did Pam make up when her sales weren't going well?
Office Administrator
What was the punch called that was served during Dwight's Christmas celebration?
What was Dwight doing when Pam, Kevin, and Erin showed up at his farm to stop the Doomsday Device?
Digging a horse grave
How many strikes until the Doomsday Device would detonate?
What time did the email from the Doomsday Device get sent out?
5 O' Clock
What was the reason for Creed's 'Distinct old man smell'?
He was sprouting Mung Beans on a damp paper towel in his desk drawer. Very nutritious but smell like death.
Where did Jim propose to Pam?
Rest Stop halfway between Scranton and NYC
Why did Pam go to NYC?
Art school
What was name of the place Pam went to in NYC?
Pratt School of Design
Why did Michael send Pam back to the office during Career Day?
To get a new piece of paper
What is the name of Pam's mom?
What is the name of the woman Dwight dates from Jim and Pam's wedding?
What is the name of the restaurant where Michael became 'Date Mike'?
Sid and Dexters
What was Date Mikes tagline?
Hi, I'm Date Mike, nice to meet me. How do you like your eggs in the morning?
What is the name of Stanley's wife?
What is the name of Stanley's mistress?
What rumor did Michael make up for Andy to cover up his rumor about Stanley?
That he was gay
What rumor did Michael make up for Kevin to cover up his rumor about Stanley?
That there's another person inside of him working him with controls
What rumor did Michael make up for Kelly to cover up his rumor about Stanley?
That she has an eating disorder
What rumor did Michael make up for Dwight to cover up his rumor about Stanley?
That he uses store bought manure
What rumor did Michael make up for himself to cover up his rumor about Stanley?
That he was a J-Crew model
What rumor did Michael make up for Creed to cover up his rumor about Stanley?
He has Asthma
What rumor did Michael make up for Oscar to cover up his rumor about Stanley?
He was the voice of the Taco Bell dog
What rumor did Michael make up for Toby to cover up his rumor about Stanley?
That he was a virgin
What kind of car does Stanley drive?
White Chrysler 300
What does Creed do upon arriving late and Michael saying, 'There's been a murder'?
He says he has to grab something from his car and takes off out of the parking lot
Who was the killer in the board game played to distract from the fact Dunder Mifflin was closing?
Beatrix Bourbon
What level of suspicion did Dwight say was most important when choosing the killer? (Board game)
The person he most medium suspects
What was the name of the murder mystery game played in Season 6?
Belles, Bourbon, and Bullets
What is the security guards full (First and last) name?
Hank Tate
What is the name of Michael's improv character who has no sight?
Blind Guy McSqueezy
What does Darryl tell Michael is a gang way to attack someone?
Fluffy Fingers
What color is the jersey that Darryl's sister was wearing when Dwight and Toby did surveillance to verify Darryl's workman's comp filing?
Dark Green
What did Michael think Jan's baby's name was?
What was Michael's Secret Santa gift to Ryan?
A video iPod
What did Jim get Pam for a Secret Santa gift (including color)?
A light blue teapot with memory's they had inside. A ketchup packet, Jim's yearbook photo
What did Jim TAKE back from the teapot he gave Pam? When did this resurface again?
An envelope with a letter he wrote. He gave it to her in Season 9 along with a video of them over the years after she thought she (Pam) wasn't enough for him.
What is the name of Michael's realtor (first and last)? What is interesting about her in real life?
Carol Stills / She is Steve Carrel's wife
What celebrity appeared in the Sabre welcome video?
Christian Slater
What was the minority management program through Sabre called?
The Print in All Colors Initiative
How did Michael determine that Phyllis's friend, who Phyllis wanted to set Michael up with, was fat?
Michael asked if she could fit in a rowboat / could she and Jim fit comfortably in a rowboat together
What was the job of the lady Pam chose to go on a blind date with Michael?
Pam's landlord
What did Michael order on his date with Pam's Blind Date choice?
Hot Chocolate with Peppermint
What was the name (First and Last) of Michael's mistress?
Donna Newton
What was the occupation of Michael's Mistress' husband?
Little league Baseball coach
What was the name of Michael's book he was going to write? What would the cover look like?
Somehow I Manage and he would be in front shrugging with his sleeves rolled up
What was the last dish Pam and Kevin had before Pam went into labor?
Macaroni and Cheese
What was the name of the all day gorge fest Kevin and Pam had during her pregnancy?
What did Andy order from the new coffee shop Dwight put in as he walked into work?
Blueberry Muffin
What was the name of coffee shop Dwight put in Dunder Mifflin?
Dwight's Caffeine Corner
What was the name of Michael's old boss?
Ed Truck
How did Michael's old boss die?
According to Creed he was drunk as a skunk and slid his motorcycle under a semi which decapitated him
What color was Michael's neon beer sign that Jan hated?
What was the name of Jan's candle company?
Serenity by Jan
How much did Michael ask Andy and Jim to invest in Jan's candle company?
What term of endearment did Michael and Jan use excessively during the dinner party?
What was the name of David Wallace's invention?
Suck It. A toy Vacuum to teach kids how to pick up after themselves.
What did Michael bring to the party at David Wallace's house?
Potato Salad
What did Dwight do upon not finding Pam's iPod shuffle while they were on their way to the hospital?
He found mold and smashed out all the cabinets. First he read a good book and went to bed and started the next day
What was the name of the MP3 player Roy gave Pam?
Prism DuroSport
What are that Pam drew was hung up in the office by the front desk?
Her watercolor of the Scranton Industrial Park building
What was the color of the MP3 player Roy gave Pam?
What was unusual about the Schrute's wedding ceremony?
The bride and groom marry standing in their own graves
What did Mose do with the cars he parked during the Garden Party?
Tried to jump them with a moped. Stopped at the end of the ramp and jumped across all of them
What kind of car did Andy sell to Dwight?
What kind of car does Andy drive? What color?
Silver Toyota Prius
Why was Dwight late to meet Ryan, Michael and Pam for lunch?
He said he hit a bear
What was odd about the way Michael highlighted notes in his Rolodex?
Most colors mean don't say it
Which lake did the booze cruise take place on?
Lake Wallenpaupack
Which lake did the Beach Games take place at?
Lake Scranton
Who was the only employee not allowed at the Beach Games?
What name did Jim keep saying to annoy Dwight? It was the name Jim chose for his team.
What was the first event of the Beach Games?
Egg Race
What did Jim and Pam buy at the garage sale during the Rabies awareness run?
What was the name on Andy's auto mechanic costume in the mafia episode?
What did Andy say was 'leaky' on the mother and childs car after the battery exploded?
Leaky Sparktube
What does the first building in the intro say?
Penn Paper
What was interesting about the flasher sketching Pam drew?
It looked like Dwight but with a mustache
What was the name of the morbidly obese employee that transferred from Utica?
Anthony (Tony) Gardner
What was Michael and Jan's safe word?
What did Dwight form after Phyllis was flashed?
Anti Flashing Task Force
What did Dwight say was a concern if his petition for more floodlights in the parking lot was passed?
It may cast more light on the penises
What did Dwight remove from the kitchen after Phyllis got flashed?
Where did Michael get the questions to determine if Meredith was an alcoholic?
Mormon Church Website
What business did Michael and Dwight steal a client list from? Later putting them out of business.
Prince Family Paper
What mistake did the GPS make Michael do?
Turn right, into a lake
What was missing from the gift basket Michael gave to a former client?
Chocolate Turtles
What is the mall most frequented by employees?
The Steamtown Mall
What store did Michael tell the women on Women's Appreciation day, they could get one thing they wanted and he'd buy it?
Victoria's Secret
What flavor of Jello did Michael put Dwight's stapler in?
Lemon aka Yellow
What character did everyone compare Kevin too in a YouTube video?
Cookie Monster
What surprise did Michael have for Charles Minor?
He cut all the bagels into a 'C'
What would Dwight not give up when Pam had morning sickness?
Hard Boiled Eggs
What would Meredith not give up when Pam had morning sickness?
Smoking cigars
What did the Korean translate to on the Michael Scott Paper company delivery van?
Alleluia Church of Scranton
What large retail store did Dwight work at upon leaving Dunder Mifflin?
What happened after Michael left Jan a voicemail breaking up with her?
Jan appeared in his office before he was done
What was Kelly confused about as she gave away her winter coats before she moved with her boyfriend, Ravi?
She thought they were moving to Miami, Florida instead they were going to Miami, Ohio
Instead of a baby climbing out if Andy's butt; what tattoo did Pam have the tattoo artist ink on his rear end?
A Nard Dog
What did Michael order to give in exchange for a hot dog when Jim left him at a gas station?
His watch
What did Michael do in the wet cement outside the office building?
Put his face print in it
What kept Jim and Pam from being able to sleep while having an overnight at Schrute Farms?
Dwight was crying because Angela left him
What did Dwight drop onto the trampoline for a test run before Michael would jump?
What do Kevin use as shoes after his were thrown away by the hotel?
Kleenex Boxes
What injury did Andy sustain while dancing in Niagara Falls?
Tore his scrotum
What was the name of the computer assistant Michael made up for the banker who assessed the Scranton branch?
Finish the phrase: They call it Scranton, what? _____ ____________ ______
The Electric City
The security guard who is better than all other security guards.
Basketballer. Resented by most of the office except Angela and Oscar. Fat
Dead Bird
Sadly passed away in the parking lot. Had a funeral held for it.
Is only working for this dog food company in order to scuba.
Shaved head to eliminate lice from the office
Kevin's favorite food.
Michael Scarn
Is here to say He's about to do the scarn in a major way.
"Gayer than Oscar"
Michael Scarn's mortal enemy
Cherokee Jack
Michael's Scarn's mentor.
Tiny. Mother of Dwight's child.
Meredith's son who was suspended from school.
Dwight's adversary, later his best man.
Threat Level Midnight
Michael's movie that was in production for 11 years.
David Wallace
Former CEO of Dunder Mifflin. Creator of "Suck it"
Dunder Mifflin's receptionist. marries Jim
Assistant to the regional manager
Sits across from Stanley. Went to high school with Michael
Creator of Dunder Miffflin Infinity. Was arrested for fraud
Regional Manager of Dunder Mifflin until he leaves to be with his fiancés parents
Hated by Michael. Killed in Threat Level Midnight
Gay and Latino
Indian. In love with Ryan
Black man who had an affair and hates the office
Onwer of Sabre who lives in Florida
Former warehouse employee who leaves to work for Athlead
Breaks up with Andy because he left for a 3 month boat trip
Jim Jr. "plop"
Dwight Jr.
Moved away to marry Holly
Received the "Best Mom" Dundy
Assistant to the Regional Manager
Has a distinct Old Man Smell
Faked a pregnancy
Replaced Michael
Shaved Michael
Not sure if the Scranton Strangler was guilty
Lives in Florida
Got breast implants
Skipped work to be with their boyfriend
Occasionally wears bright pink pants
Brought his daughter to the Office Christmas Party
Was portrayed as the Cookie Monster in a viral video
Wanted to get married on a farm
Created WUPHF
Pretended to be the Dunder Mifflin Infinity to prank Dwight
Dwights biggest "flan"
"Crushes his wife during sex"
Works in the Refrigeration Industry
Sprayed with pepper spray
Flashed in parking lot
Todd Packer
Put something disgusting in Michael's office
Dated AJ
Security Guard
Almost fought Ryan on a beet farm
Hosted a Glee party
Who does Jim tend to pull pranks on in the Office?
Dunder Mifflin
What's the company name where the show is based?
What kind of company is it? What do they sell?
Where is the company supposedly located in Pennsylvania?
What animal(s) does Angela own and sometimes spies on while she is at the office?
Steve Carell
What is the name of the actor who plays Michael?
What is Michael's last name on the show?
Who did Jim get engaged to and recently marry?
He bought them the house he grew up in
After becoming engaged, Jim surprised his fiance with a huge gift, what was it?
What is the name of the character who is gay at the office?
Pam (before marriage)
Pam (after marriage)
Phyllis (before marriage)
Phyllis (after marriage)
Why does Pam refuse to attend sporting events with Roy?
Roy and his brother left Pam at a minor league hockey game
Why doesn't Michael take the sexual harassment video seriously?
Darryl slept with the redhead girl in the film.
I was fired after I tried to quit. Who Am I?
Anthony Gardner
What is the dessert Angela is best known for?
Double Fudge Brownies
Who Am I? I have a sister that died.
Kelly Kapoor
Who Am I? I am the receptionist at the Utica branch?
In the episode Sexual Harassment, Michael assumes that he's in trouble and retains his own attorney, what is his name?
James P. Albini
What was Jan's final job?
CEO of Scranton White Pages