8 terms

european art and music

for mid terms exam 2011
Art: Blue Sunset FRANCE
IMPRESSIONISM. late 1800's. Monet. Importance of outdoor light, and color
Art: Man on Rock GERMANY
ROMANTICISM. early 1800's. Friedrich. Emotions, nature, and indivisual (alone)
Art: Group in Golden Church ITALY
RENNASANCES. 1500's. Raphael. Perspective, mind
Art: Abstract (lines and circles) RUSSIA
MODERN ART. early 1900's. Kandinsky. Abstract, shapes and lines
Music: #1 intensity RUSSIA
MODERN ART. early 1900's. Rite of Spring. by Stravinsky.
Music: #2 light ballerina FRANCE
IMPRESSIONISM. late 1800's. Claire de lune. by Debusy
Music: #3 sad-angry man GERMANY
ROMANTICISM. early 1800's. The lime tree. by Schubert
Music: #4 new life/bright light opera ITALY
RENNASANCE. early 1500's. Gloria. by Palestria