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New Zealand - Topography, Climate and History

Important Information on New Zealand's Topography , Climate and Historical Geography
New Zealand's Location
Approx. 1,600km of SE Asia
New Zealand Vitals
2 Islands - North and South, Similar to Great Britain, Very Productive, Populous North Island
A Rugged Landscape
Topography - South Island
Southern Alps - over 3,500 m
Similar to Australia
Climate - West Coast
Marine West Coast (Maritime Climate), Similar to Great Britain and US Pacific NW
Climate - South
H-type in Southern Highlands, Rainy in South Island - which can get heavy
New Zealand's weather is ideal in
Agriculture and Ranching, which is also intense in the North Island
First Settlement
Approx. 1,500 Years Ago
Historical Geography
A Remote part of the World
No Evidence of
Permanent Settlement before 9th Century AD
Successive Waves of
Polynesian Immigrants (11th to 18th Centuries)
Similar Immigration to
Pre European
Ways of Peoples and Density
First European Contacts
Tasman in 1642
First European to Land
James Cook in 1769 - Devoured by civilians
Since the late 1700's
Colonization from Great Britain
British Sovereignty in 1840
Beginning of Main European Immigration Waves
The Waitangi Treaty
Peace Between British and the Maoris
Late 1880's
Became a part of the British Commonwealth
Present Day New Zealand
A Constitutional Monarchy
British Colony Based System
Just like Australia with a Governor General