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Superior subordinate relationship

formal authority one person has over another person's work and behavior (Superior: Supervisor) (Subordinates: Workers)

Co- worker relationship

have barely any authority over each other but work together to accomplish a goal

Customer relationship

interactions between someone communicating on behalf of an organization with an outside person

Organizational Culture Theory

shared symbols, beliefs, values and norms that affect the behaviors of an organization

Organizational subculture

group of people who share values that are different from the organization


unverified story or statement about the facts of a situation


a type of rumor that focuses on the personal, private and scandalous affairs of people

Sexual harassment

unwelcome sexual advances for sexual favors


interaction between two parties that involves asking and answering questions

Hypothetical question

describes a set of circumstances and asks how you would respond

Leading question

suggests or implies the desired response

Probing question

follows up a question or response by encouraging elaboration and clarification

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