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Morals and Society Final

Utilitarianism is the moral theory that holds that the rightness or wrongness of an action is determined by the balance of good over evil that is produced by that action.
focuses on the rightness or wrongness of actions in and of themselves, rather than on the consequences of those actions
Virtue Ethics
A normative ethical theory that says that an action is morally right just because it would be done by a virtuous person acting in character
Singer (story)
Bob and the Bugatti
Speciesism View
Humans who think they are the top of the food chain, we only look at ourselves and look at ourselves as a priority
Sanctity of Human Life
There is nothing unique about humans, their life on the spectrum is equal
Why does Singer Oppose the "Sanctity of Life"?
-Denies that there is a radical difference between human/animal life value
-unjust discrimination
Unjust Discrimination
Treating individuals differently without justification, to treat individuals differently it must be justified by underlying difference in capacity
What solution does Singer offer for resolving inconsistencies in the way we treat animals and humans?
1.) hold constant our attitudes to other species and change our attitude toward our own species
2.) hold constant our attitude toward member of our own species, change our attitudes toward other species
3.) change our attitudes toward both humans and non humans
Example for Singer & Speciesism
Primate VS retarded Infant
-Primate has more capability
-differentiate by intellectual, both lives are equally valuable
Can you think of a reason for refraining from eating dogs that foer ignores?
Eliminate Species membership, equal moral consideration
Steinback --Prelimary Considerations
-"that could be me"
-we feel CLOSER IDENTIFICATION with severly retarded infants
-horrified if a retarded infant was used in med research
The ability to have capability and competence
Right to autonomy
ability to make important decisions for yourself
Past life a will then got Alzheimer,...believe should go with past
Evidentiary View
respect persons ability to make decision at anytime
-because each person generally knows what is in his own best interests better than anyone else. (223)
Integrity View
reflects the life of the person when competent
Jehovahs Witnesses
Blood transfusions
Retributivist (death penalty)
Backway looking, gives what people what they deserve
Utilitarian (death penalty)
forward looking, what would be the consequence of death +,-
-once kill murderer you cant kill anyone else
Difference between revenge and retribution
revenge is personal, laden, have deep seeded,retribution doesnt need to be emotional its what people deserve, rational, cool headed
Lex Talionis
an eye for an eye, demands symmetrical punishment.
Some cases illegal to carry out, ex rape, molestation
Equal Punishment
Systematically Punished, amount of suffering has to be equal to what the other person should suffer
-hard to determine how much suffer
-hard to measure how to make perpetrator suffer equally
Proportional Punishment
-more sever crimes get more severe punishments, same with less---less
-most severe should be death, no human life is completely worthless
What is the symbolic value with abolishing the death penalty ..what is nathans argument against this
show respect for human life
-nathans argument ---- we express respect for life you want to punish those who take away human life