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the chapter argues that gender is not a matter simply of diffrences but also a matter of
all of the above are correct
gender refers to
the personal traits and social positions that members of a society attach to being female and male
margaret meads research on gender in three societies showed that
societies may differ in how they define both masculine and feminine
a comparison of the athletic preformances of females and males over time shows
that women have been closing the gap with men in athletic preformances
the point of describing gender in the israeli kibbutzim is
to show that cultures define gender in diffrent ways
what is the term for attitudes and activities that a society links to people of each sex
gender roles
which of the following is not a goal of feminism
increasing male power
the text argues that male-female diffrences are
mostly the creation of society
in the work force
women are still concentrated in several categories of jobs
which of the following statements is the best reason to veiw women as a minority in the united statees
in our society there is a disadvantage for being a women
which of the following concepts refers to the biological distinction between males and females
sexual orientation
which of the following statements is true
comparative research indicates that although sex has a biological foundation it is an element of culture that varies from place to place
while race refers to _ considered important by society , ethnicity refers to _
biological traits , cultural traits
social stratification refers to
ranking categories of people in a hierarchy
what is the meaning of the term wasp
white anglo- saxon protertant without any social prejudice
which term below refers to a belief that one racial category is innately superior to another
which of the following concepts refers to cultural heritage
recent research on social distance among us college students shows that
students are more accepting of minorities than they were decades ago
based on scapegoat theory you would conclude that prejudice is caused by
frustration among people who are themselves disadvatnged
while prejudice is amatter of _ discrimination is a matter of _
attitudes , action
a minority is defined as a category of people who
are defined as diffrent and are disvantaged
institatutional prejudice and discrimination refers to the fact that
bias is built into the operation of societies instiatutions
assimilation refers to the pattern by which
minorities gradually adopt patterns of the dominant category
which concept is illistrated by immagrants from ecuador coming to the united states and learing to speak english
the term white ehtnics refers to
non wasp of european ancestry
social stratification is
a trait society not simply a reflection of individual diffrences
caste systems
place people in one position for life
the term meritocracy refers to social stratification
based entirely on personal merit
the social position of people living in a class system is based on which of the following traits
alll of the above are correct
the chapter opening story of passanger deaths that accompanied the sinking of the titanic
social stratification is sometimes a matter of life or death
social sratification is a concept that refers to
society ranking categories of people in a hierarchy
because of social stratification in the united states
some people have more previaliges and oppertunites than others do
in what share of the worlds societies do we find social stratification
in alll of them
why do class systems retain some caste systems like qualities such as inhertance of wealth rather than becoming complete meritocracies
a pure meritocracy would elminate familes and reduce social order
in the united states which of the following age categories has the highest peverty rate
children under the age of eighteen
the fermization of poverty refers to a trend in the united states by which
larger share of the poor are now women
in 2009 any one of the richest three people in the world had more wealth than the worlds
the combined econmic output of the worlds 34 poorset countries
the concept absloute poverty refers to
a lack of rescources that is life threatining
the soncept colonialism refers to the process by which
some countries enrich themselves through political and economic control of other nations
people in new zealand japan and canada are all living in
high income counties
what would a sociologist be most likely to say about an individual choose a perticula person to marry
society guides human behavior more than most people realize
which discipline is defined as the systematic study of human society
peter berger described using the socilogical perspective as seeing the _in the _
general particuliar
the statment that the sociological perspetive shows us the strange in the familular means that sociology
rejects the familular idea that people simply decide how to act in favor of the initally strange idea that society shapes our lives
from a sociological perspective patterns of childbearing around the world suggest that the number of chldren born to a women reflects
wether she lives in a poor or rich country
three roommates in their dorm room sharing a late night discussion about why they are in college
both age and class have a lot to do with which people are enrolled in college
the pioneering sociologist who study patterns of suicide in europe was
emile durkheim
acccording to emile durkheim a category of people with a higher suicide rate typaclly has
a lower level of societal intergration
c wirght mills pointed out that sociological awareness tends to be more widespread
in times of social crisis
the united states falls within the cateogory of
high income nations
almost all of latin america and asia falls within the category of
middle income nations
more than 1.5 million immagrants enter the united states each year and many have become famous these facts support the conclusion that
the worlds are increasingly interconnected
read the following four statements which statement is correct
learining more about other societies help us better understand our own way of life
making use of the sociological perspective encourages
challenging commonly held beliefs
which of the following is a benifit we gain from studying sociology
seeing both the oppertunites and consrtaints that shape our lives
the seeing sociology in the news article 1 reports that ina bad economy laaid offf workers
are flocking to community colleges
the term sociology was coined by
auguste comte
by linking specific facts together to give us meaning we create
which theoretical approach is closest to that taken by the early sociologist auguste comte
strucural funtional approach
the theoretical approach in sociology that veiws society as a complex systme whose parts work together to promote solidarity and stability is the
strucural functional approach
which of the following concepts refers to relativity stable patterns of social behavior
social structure
which of the following can correctivley be called the frame owrk for building theory that sees society as an arena of inequality that generats conflict and change
the social conflict approach
the social conflict approach draws attention to
patterns of social inequality
which of the following theortical approaches paints societies in broad strokes at a macro level
both the stuctrual functional and social conflict approaches
which of the following topics illustrates a micro level focus
two airline passengers getting to nknow one another
the basic idea of the symbolic interaction approach is that society is
the reality people constuct as they interact with ine another
which theoretical approach highlights the fact that is is not so much what people do that matters as much as the meaning they attach to their behavior
symbolic interaction approach
science can be defined as
logical system that bases knowledge on direct systematic sobservation