WHAP Chapter 18

The Sundiata
A story about Mali
Mali Kingdom
The richest kingdom because it has a lot of gold
they start around Nigeria and migrate all the way down to south Africa because of population pressures. Compare migrations to the Indo Europeans (arians)
Most powerful state of tiem period.
Capial of Ghana
Bantu attitudes towards other people
They thought they were better than everyone else, especially the pigmies. (because pigmies were short? O_o)
Impact of Bantu culture
they spread language, metallurgy (iron) , and bananas (:
Know the Bantu political structure
a patriarchal society
Know the source of the Mali Kingdom's power
gold, control over trade, storng calvary and strong kings.
Know the impact of Islam on African culture and religion
when they become Muslims they start becoming civilized. Sets up a trading system
Know about gender issues in Sub-Saharan Africa
women are not subservient in africa, play a dominant role in society.
Know about the trans-Saharan slave trade and the number of slaves being traded
10,000,000 - ten million.