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I'm bored. lol

I got bored and decided...

Since this is a new account, and most people know me by YellowDucky95, I'll make this set... But mostly because I'm bored.

So yeah...

I'm YellowDucky95 (also have been LaraSummers95 and its_lara)

My name issssss....


How long I have been alive on this earth:

16 years! Woot, I'm old. Notreally, I'm still young.(: Yayy.

How tall I am...

5'6 1/2 !!!!!!! Yepp, I grew!(:

The color of the windows to my soul... (fancy way to say eye color)

Hazel!!!! (I wish they were light green. But oh well!)


Well it changes... ;P NATURALLY it's realllllly dark brown. But I've died it almost blonde, red, blue (stupid decision), light brown, and black. But right now I'm at my natural brunette. My hair used to be reallllly curly. But, since I've straightened it so much, it has lost a lot of the curl. So now it's wavy.


I have some, but not many... But I don't like them... Makeup is a wonderful thing.(;

Now for the boringness.






Where do I live? ....

Texas!<33 (aka the most amazing place in the world ;P )

Weight (Why am I putting this? This doesn't really matter..)

96.. )))): I'm working on gaining!!!!

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask! I'll pretty much answer anything...

Unless it's appropriate... lol


You don't even have to read this. I'm just bored! lol BYEEEEEEEEEE.<3

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