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A device that increases or decreases voltage in a power line is called a ____.


Current that does not reverse direction is called ____.

direct current

The location of the strongest magnetic forces on a magnet are the ____.

magnetic poles

Current that reverses direction in a regular pattern is called ____.

alternating current

The region around a magnet where the magnetic forces act is the ____.

magnetic field

Objects that keep their magnetic properties for a long time are called ____.

permanent magnets

An instrument that measures electric current is a ____


A reversing switch that rotates with the coil in an electric motor and reverses the direction of the current every half turn is a ____.


A device that increases or decreases the voltage of an alternating current is a ____.


In a step-up transformer, the number of turns of wire is greater in the ____ coil than in the ____ coil, and the ____ voltage exceeds the ____ voltage.

secondary, primary, output, input

The function of an electric motor is to ____.

change electrical energy to mechanical energy

The function of a generator is to ____.

change mechanical energy to electrical energy

A ____ attracts iron objects.


____ is the process of producing an electric current by moving a loop of wire through a magnetic field.

Electromagnetic induction

The atoms in a magnet are ____.

aligned according to their magnetic poles

A galvanometer measures ____.

electric current

A transformer that increases voltage is a ____.

step-up transformer

Alternating current is transmitted across large distances at high voltage to minimize ____.

energy loss as heat

Groups of atoms with aligned magnetic poles are called ____.

magnetic domains

The strength of magnetic force in an electromagnet is ____ by increasing the current through the coil.


The south pole of a magnet will ____________________ the south pole of another magnet.


A large wheel that rotates when pushed by water, wind, or steam. ____________________


The properties and interactions of magnets are referred to as ____________________.


A(n) ____________________ is formed by placing a piece of iron inside a current-carrying coil of wire.


A machine that changes electrical energy to mechanical energy is a(n) ____________________ used to do work, such as turning a fan.

electric motor

A device that produces an electric current by rotating a coil of wire in a magnetic field is a(n) ____________________.


The process by which moving a wire through a magnetic field produces an electric current is _________________________.

electromagnetic induction

Step-up Transformer

increase voltage

Step-down Transformer

decrease voltage

Which coil will be larger in a step up transformer?

Secondary coil

Which coil will be larger in a step down transformer?

Primary coil

What type of energy is needed for a motor to run?

Electrical Energy

What type of energy is produced by a motor?

Mechanical Energy

Which part inside a motor is the source of the movement?


What happens to the rotation of the coil in a motor if the current flowing through it is increased?

it rotates faster with greater force

What mineral is a natural magnet?


What happens to the direction of the magnetic field around a wire when the direction of the current is changed?

the magnetic field will reverse its direction

A wire wrapped into a cylindrical wire coil is called a(n) ___.


List 3 metals that are magnetic.

iron, nickel, cobalt

Groups of atoms with aligned magnetic poles are called _____.


What happens when a magnet is heated?

domains un-align

How can an iron nail be changed into a magnet?

put it inside a solenoid

How can the magnetic field of a solenoid be strengthened? 2 Ways

more coils, more current

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