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Childhood D/Os (DSM-IV-TR)

Mental Retardation, Learning Disorders, Motor Skills Disorder, Pervasive Developmental Disorders
What are the DSM criteria for mental retardation? (3)
1. IQ of 70 or below
2. Trouble functioning in multiple areas of life
3. Onset before age 18
What are the 3 levels of mental retardation?
1. Mild- 50 or 55 to 70
2. Moderate - 35 or 40 to 50 or 55
3. Profound - Below 20-25
Services that may be necessary (referrals) 4
1. Speech therapy
2. Occupational therapy
3. Cognitive therapy
4. Physical therapy now seen in schools
Persons with Mental Retardation (of note, from DSM)
Person with MR are vulnerable to exploitation, sexual/physical abuse, or the denial of rights and opportunities.
Types of learning Disorders (4)
1. LD in reading (accuracy, speed or comprehension are low given age, intelligence and education)
2. LD in math
3. LD in written expression
Describe Developmental Coordination Disorder?
-Difficulties with muscle control result in impairment of learning to write, draw, sports.
-May be marked delays in motor milestones such as walking, crawling, sitting.
-Clumsiness/dropping things
Diagnostic Criteria for MR, LD and Developmental Coordination disorder (3)
1. Performance substancially below expectation.
2. Resultant significant funtional impairment
3. Difficulties exceed those expecter with any associated sensory impairment.
By when is are these D/Os evident?
Kindergarten/1st grade
Where we see signs of learning D/Os and MR
Word recall
Incorrect preposition use
Processing problems- (understanding indiv. words, words com quick/meaning lost
Communication Disorders (5)
1. Expressive language disorders
2. Mixed receptive-expressive language disorder
3. Phonological Disorder
4. Stuttering
5. Communication Disorder NOS
Autism definition
Severely disordered verbal and non-verbal language; unusual behaviors, impaired development in social interaction and communication, restricted range of interests and activities.
Asperger's Syndrome definition
Relatively good verbal language with 'milder' non-verbal language problems; restricted range of interests and relatedness. Symptoms include impaired in using social cues like body language or tone of voice, impaired understanding of ironym 'concrete' thinking, restricted eye contact and socialization, appear as distant or loner, didactic, verbose, monotone, droning voice, over sensitive to certain stimuli, unusual movements.
2 BASIC strategies for kids with LD
1 Use strategies that hammer away at the area of the deficit
2 Use strategies that effectively circumvent it.
(Why not a combination?)
Difference in values Asperger's
Brain is wired differently. Child prioritizes pirsuit of knowledge, perfection, truth and understanding the physical worl above feelings and interpersonal experiences.
Characteristics (80) autistic spectrum children
1. Innatentive
2. Rude
3. Interested in objects instead of people
4. Insistent of sameness (ritual)
5. Hanging back from peers
6. Anxious (doesn't know what she is supposed to do)
7. Out of it. Apart.
8. Socially unwelcome : (
Treatment for autism
1.Behavioral therapy
2.Occupational Therapy
3.Physical Therapy
4.Individualized Education Plan (IEP) with team
5.SSRIs, Tricyclics, anti-psychotics, stimulants, anti-anxiety drugs