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Enviromental Laws (APES)


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Surface Mining Control & Reclamation Act
Requires coal strip mines to reclaim the land
Madrid Protocol
Moratorium on mineral exploration for 50 years in Antarctica
Safe Drinking Water Act (1996 ammend)
Set maximum contaminant levels for pollutants in drinking water that may have adverse effects on human health
Clean Water Act
Set maximum permissible amounts of water pollutants that can be discharged into waterways..aim to make surface waters swimmable and fishable
Ocean Dumping Ban Act
Bans ocean dumping of sewage sludge & industrial waste in the
Clean Air Act:
Set emission standards for cars, and limits for release of air pollutants
Kyoto Protocol (1997)
Controlling global warming by setting greenhouse gas emissions targets for developed countries
Montreal Protocol (1987)
Phase out of ozone depleting substances (CFC"S)
Resource Conservation & Recovery Act
Controls hazardous waste with a cradle to grave system
Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation & Liability Act
Superfund, designed to identify and clean up abandoned hazardous waste dump sites
Nuclear Waste Policy Act
US government must develop a high level nuclear waste site (Yucca Mtn)
Endangered Species Act (1995 ammend)
Identifies threatened and endangered species in the US, and puts their protection ahead of economic considerations
Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species:(CITES)
Lists species that cannot be commercially traded as live specimens or wildlife products
Magnuson- Stevens Act
Mangaement of marine fisheries
Food Quality Protection Act
Set pesticide limits in food, & all active and inactive ingredients must be screened for estrogenic/endocrine effects
National Environmental Policy Act
Environmental Impact Statements must be done before any project affecting federal lands can be started
Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants:
Seeks to protect human health from the 12 most toxic chemicals (includes 8 chlorinated hydrocarbon pesticides / DDT can be used for malaria control)
Superfund (1980)
Law passes to clean up abandoned toxic waste dumps .
National Enviromental Policy Act (1969)
A statement must be prepared for a federal project describing its impact on the enviroment
Enviromental Protection Agency
Covers air and water pollution, noise, pesticides, solid waste, radiation and toxic substances.