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Antibacterials: Protein Synthesis Inhibitors

Aminoglycosides - MOA
inhibit IF2-30S
Aminoglycosides - Use
Gram negative
Aminoglycosides - Side Effects
ototoxicity, nephrotoxicity, neurotoxicity (presynaptic Ca influx)
Aminoglycosides (GNATS)
Gentamicin (neuropathy), Neomycin = topical (NH4 bacteria), Amikacin (hepatic excretion), Tobramycin (CF), Streptomycin = TB, Tularemia
Tetracyclines - MOA
block tRNA (30S)
Tetracyclines - Use
Gram positive, simple Gram negative, Atypicals, Rickettsia
Tetracyclines - Side Effects
photosensitivity (SPF15), errosive esophagitis, binds Calcium (no tums/milk), permanent grey teeth, P450 inducer, Fanconi's (old), negates OCP, not used with anuric pacients (produces nitrogen and increased BUN = Doxycycline is exception)
Minocycline = acne, Doxycycline (hepatic excretion), Demecocycline (blocks ADHr), Oxytetracycline
Chloramphenicol - MOA
block peptidyl tranferase (50S)
Chloramphenicol - Use
Gram positive, Rickettsia, Thyphoid Fever, HiB meningitis
Chloramphenicol - Side Effects
aplastic anemia, inhibits E.T.C 4, grey baby syndrome
Macrolides - MOA
block translocation (50S)
Macrolides - Use
Gram positive, simple Gram negative, atypicals
Macrolides - Side Effects
inhibit P450, Torsade with 3rd gen anti-histamines
Macrolides (ACE Me)
Azithromycin (pregos; longest t1/2; MAI = AIDS) Clarithromycin (dysguisia), Erythromycin (Penicillin allergy, Legionella; GI upset)
Lincosamides = Clindamycin - MOA
block translocation (50S)
Lincosamides = Clindamycin - Use
Gram positive, simple Gram negative, Anaerobes
Lincosamides = Clindamycin - Side Effects
Pseudomembranous colitis