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parecerse a


pensar + infinitive


pensar de

think of (have opinion)

pensar en

think of (direct thought)

perder cuidado

not to worry

perder de vista

lose sight

ponerse + adjective

become (involuntary)

ponerse +infinitive

begin with

ponerse de acuerdo

come to agreement

quedarse con


quejarse de

complain about

querer decir

mean; signify

reírse de

make fun of

reparar en


saber de memoria

know by heart

sacar una fotografía

take picture

ser aficionado a

be fond of

servir de

serve as

servir para

good for

soñar con

dream of

tardar en + infinitive

be late in

tratar de +infinitive

try to

tratarse de

concerned with, be about, deal with

tropezar con

come upon, bump into

valer la pena

be worthwhile

volver a +infinitive

to do something again

volver en sí

regain consciousness


be pleasing to


be sufficient


be painful


be lacking, lack

hacer faltar

to be lacking




take pleasure in

quedarle a uno

have remaining


have too much

tocarle a uno

to be one's turn

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