Seedfolks vocabulary

category of literature; Seedfolks is realistic fiction, and The Hunger Games is science fiction
the main events that take place are called the plot
the character's attitude toward a subject; tone can be serious, sarcastic, humorous, confident, etc.
the main character or hero of a story
the villain or "bad guy" in a story; the character who causes problems for the protagonist
Amir's story on page 81
The woman Amir has met is an Italian woman who once called Amir a "dirty foreigner" (mean, hateful) despite being an immigrant and having an accent herself; her excuse was that she hadn't known it was him; if only she had ACCEPTED him and not assumed that Amir was a liar and thief.
how the reader feels in response to a paragraph or part of the text; mood can be humorous, inspiring, serious, harsh, etc.
point of view
1st person POV includes pronouns like I, me, my; 2nd person POV uses the pronoun you, your (NOT common in literature); 3rd person POV uses pronouns like he, she, they, or nouns like Bob or Abraham Lincoln
Wendell's CONFLICT
his internal emotional struggle is related to the deaths of his wife and son
Sae Young's DIALECT
her "broken English" is realistic because she is an immigrant who works ALL THE TIME; she hasn't had the opportunity to perfect her language skills
a clue or hint in the story about what will happen later
messages about life from the author to the reader; Seedfolks has four major themes involving CULTURE, COMMUNITY, PERSPECTIVE, and ACCEPTANCE