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  1. intelligence
  2. sanford-binet
  3. insight
  4. phoneme
  5. semantics
  1. a in a language, the smallest distinctive sound unit
  2. b the ability to learn from experience, to use information, to understand things
  3. c a sudden and often novel realization of the solution to a problem
  4. d the study of meaning in language
  5. e widely used US revision made by terman of binet original intelligence test

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  1. a condition in which a person otherwise limited in mental ability has an exceptional specific skill, such as in computation or drawing
  2. the extent to which a test measures or predicts what it is supposed to
  3. a statistical procedure that identifies clusters of related items (called factors) on a test; used to identify different dimensions of performance that underlie one's total score
  4. underlies specific mental abilities and is therefore measured by every task on an intelligence test
  5. beginning about age 2, the stage in speech development during which a child speaks mostly two-word statements

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  1. overconfidencethe tendency to be more confident than correct--to overestimate the accuracy of one's beliefs and judgments


  2. aptitude testa test designed to predict a person's future performance


  3. framingthe way an issue is posed; how an issue is framed can significantly affect decisions and judgments


  4. normal curvea measure of intelligence test performance devised by Binet; the chronological age that most typically corresponds to a given level of performance


  5. prototypein a language, the smallest distinctive sound unit