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Guest workers in Europe and the middle east are

low status foreigners

The United States has received the lowest number of refugees from what country?


Migration to the united States declined during the 1920s primarily because of

imposition of quota laws

Which Statement most accurately describes the motivations of the historical european and current Latin America immigrants to the United States?

Both were and are motivated primarily by economic factors.

Most migrants to the united states during the early 20th century came from what part of europe?

south and east

The greatest total number of foreign-born residents can be found in

the united states

Most migrants to the United States during the peak of the 1840s and 1850s came from what part of europe?

Ireland and Germany

Why has Russia's program to attract migrants faced difficulty in recent years?

they are targeting ethnic Russians who speak Russian and most are not interested

Which is not presented one of the three largest one of the three largest migration flows in the world?

To Europe from Africa

What factor causes a voluntary migration?


The most important pull factor for migrants to north america today is


3 largest groups of international refugees

Palestinian,Iraqi, and Afghan

Several million Irish migrated in the 1840's primarily because

disastrous economic conditions push them out of the country

Example of Migration pull factor

opening a new factory

A country has a net in-migration if emigration ______________ immigration.

is less than


The ability to move quickly and easily

List a society that is in the stage 1 demographic transition.

Amazon tribes

In the United States males under age 15 exceed females 105:100
True or False


At which stage are natural increases at or around zero

1 and 4

A major Health threat in the 5th stage of epidemiologic transition is


The Populations of Russia and China will decrease by over half in the next 90 years
True or False


The U.S population makes up 10% of the world population.
True or False


America has the highest Population concentration.
True or falso


Name two of the population concentration centers

East asia and Europe

The Portion of Earth's Surface which is not occupied by permanent human settlement


What does natural increase rate effect

the doubling time which is the number of years needed to double the population

Today, house types in the United States are distinguished by all, expect

They can still be divided into three distinct regions

The most important house style in the United States since the 1960s is known as


Examining elements of folk and popular culture like house styles is particularly well suited to the geographic method of

Field work

The diffusion of jeans is a good example primarily of the

Diffusion of Popular culture

Americans' Preferences for beverages and snacks

vary according to what is produced locally

In which state would alcohol consumption be relatively low?


The Distribution of Alcohol consumption in the United States displays which of these typical characteristics of popular culture?

A.Radpid Diffusion
B. Close relationships to level income
C. little regard for features of the physical environment
D. all of the above
E.uniform distribution across the landscape

All of the above

what elements are important for wine production?

Climate, Soil,Topography and proximity to lakes or a river

What isn't a distinctive characteristic of the physical environment related to wine?

Vineyards must be planned on flat land

Diffusion of internet services is following the earlier pattern of television, expect

diffusion is much faster

The choice of clothing in western countries is strongly influenced by

occupation, level of income, knowledge of fashion elsewhere

What is a characteristics of a popular culture than folk culture?

its result in a more uniform landscape

The Global diffusion of popular culture may threaten folk culture by

Being less Responsive to the diversity of local environment

One significant impact of popular culture is to

modify the physical environment

All but which of the following statements reflects the environmental impact of culture?
A. Folk Culture never causes environmental impacts while popular culture does.
B. Solid waste is the most visible of wastes generated from culture
C. Popular Culture may cause a rapid increase in demand for certain natural resources


Some Features of U.S material culture such as gas stations, supermarkets, and motels

promote a uniform landscape

Many less developed countries fear the loss of folk culture because

Western Perspectives may become more dominant

Diffusion of popular customs can adversely impact environmental quality in two ways:

Depletion of scarce resources and pollution

Western dominance of the news media feared in less developed countries for all but which of these reason?
1. Western countries supply a large percentage of the television new video
2. western countries control most of the newspapers in less developed countries
3.Western radio newscasts can be heard in most countries.
4. Western values permeate the media


People maintain their folk culture despite familiarity with popular culture primarily because of

Strong desire to preserve unique customs

Popular culture and folk culture can both result in a higher level of

Extinction of animal species, demand for raw materials, consumption of animal products, Environmental degradation

As they have more contact with popular culture, women in less developed countries are more likely to

Gain more opportunities outside the home

In the United States the number of golf courses per person are highest in the

the north central states, where there is a long tradition of playing golf

One impact of large- scale consumption of chicken in more developed countries is to

makes inefficient use of the world's grain supplies

The largest level of interregional migration in the US was caused by the

opening of the western territories

Which is a current interregional migration trend in the United States?

Urban to suburban

An example of a government limited migration is

the State of Assam

Suburbanization of more developed countries is due to

desire to change lifestyle

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