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Chemistry: Solutions (the math and more)

One saline solution contains 0.90g NaCl in exactly 100mL solution. What is the Molarity of the solution?
A solution has a volume of 2.0 L and contains 36.0g glucose (C6H12O6). If the molar mass of glucose is 180g/mol, what is the molarity of the solution?
Calculate the molality if 3.50g of H2SO4 in 12.0g of water.
Calculate the number of grams of solute necessary: 400.0g of a .400m solution of ethyl alcohol (C2H6O)
Calculate the number of grams of water that must be added to 65.0g of glucose in the preparation of a 2.00m solution
A solution of NaOH in water contains 12g of solute in 4 liters of solution. What is the concentration of the solution in ppm NaOH?
What is the concentration in ppm when 50g of Al2O3 is dissolved in 500g of solution?
How many mL of aqueous 2.00M MgSO4 solution must be diluted with water to prepare 100mL of aqueous .400M mgSO4?
How many mL of a solution of 4.00M KI are needed to prepare 250.0 mL of 0.760M KI?
What is the percent by volume of C6H6O in the final solution when 85 mL of ethanol is diluted to a volume of 250mL with water?
How many grams of K2SO4 would you need to prepare 1500g of 5.0% solution?
If I add 45g of NaCl to 500g of water, what will the melting and boiling points be of the resulting solution? constants: (melting=1.86) (boiling=.56)
m= -5.72 degrees C, b=101.72 degrees C
What is the change in freezing point of a solution containing 132g C12H22O11 and 250g of H2O?
2.87 degrees C
Find the mole fraction for each component in a solution composed of 256g sodium chloride and 256g water.
Calculate the solubility product constant of CUCl, given that the solubility of this compoud at 25 degrees C is 1.08x10-2 g/ 100g H2O
What is the concentration of calcium ions in a saturated calcium carbonate solution at 25 degrees C? (ksp=4.5x10-9)
Calculate the Ksp of leadd (II) chloride, PbCl2, which has a solubility of 1.0g/100g H2O at 20 degrees C.
Calculate the solubility of silber bromide, AgBr, in mol/L, if the ksp at this temperature is 5.0x10-13.
Can phase changes establish equilibrium?
How do you change the constant?
change the temperature
High ksp= favors..., more/less soluble
products, more
Low ksp= favors..., more/less soluble
reactants, less