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___consists of all the techniques sellers use to persuade consumers to buy their goods and services


business to besiness markets tned to be

Geographically concentrated

In the spotlight on small business box, after entrepreneur Lance Fried developed a successful prototype for his waterproof MP3 player, he decided the best strategy for marketing his product was to

have it available at trade shows so potential customers could see it

Muchos Tacos Restaurants, Inc. is a chain of restuarants featuring authentic Mexican cuisine in seven states. the company is looking into opening restaurants in addition markets and also wants to expand and improve its menu. Which of the following is an example of SECONDARY data the owners of mucho tacos might find usesfull?

information published by the us Bureau of the consensus that indentifies which regions of the united states are experiencing the most rapid growth in Mexican-American population

In the Reaching beyond our borders box, debra wexler, an online diamond jewelry dealer, found a unique way to market her diamond products to consumers around the globe, her marketing strategy is to

conduct online chats 24 hours a day as part of a social marketing compaign

Which of the following represents an example of demographic segmentation?

An automobile manufacturer offers different types of cars designed to appeal to differant age groups and income levels

Which of the following describes a word letter or group of words or letters that diferentialte the goods and sergices of a seller from those of competitors

Brand name

One of the social trends that marketers must monitor to maintain close relationship with customers is the

increase in the number of older americans

______Marketing is the marketing of products to groups of customers a firm decides it can serve profitably


The fact that curves and shapes is designed to appeal to waoman of a certain age, education and income level, means that callie is

demographic segmentation

When Callie developed a detailed description of her ideas for a health club and asked for feedback from women about the proposal, she was engaging in

concept testing

Which of the following statements about Callie's marketing approach is most accurate

Callies marketing strategy appears to be consistent with several key aspects of relationship marketing

when callie attempts to identify economic, social and competitive factors that could affect her success in the health club market, she is engaging in

environmental scanning

according to the thinking green box in chapter 13, one key issue encountered in marketing cars today is that

consumers are making extensive us of the internet before buying

H2 O'Yeah has designed a water purification device that is drastically different and far superior to any product currently on the market. Although consumer response was positive to the idea of the new product, management wnats to find out more before ocmmiting to full-scale production. The next step H2 O'Yeah's marketing department is likely to take to:

Test market the product among potential users

Which of the following would be considered part of a firms marketing mxi

determining the best pricing strategy for the product

The most important technological change likely to affect the marketing success of many firms is the

Growth of consumer databases, blogs, and social networking

A firm that uses____segmentation divides a market into groups based on values attitudes or interests


which of the following describes a process in which marketers present an accurate description of a new product to potential customers and ask if they find the idea appealing

concept testing

The most dramatic glabal change likely to affect the marketing success of most fimrs is the

widespread growth of the internet

Nature's Sun, a company that designs and manufactures clothing for active people, focuses their marketing efforts on people who participate in strenuous outdoor activities such as running and mountain climbing. For example, the firm adverties heavily in magazines for runners. Nature's Sun is using____factors to segmment is market


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