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Bible 9th Exam

To whom was the Acts of the Apostles written
How long was Jesus seen with the Apostles following his ressurection
40 days
The men gathered at christs ascension in acts chapter 1 were called men of
From what mount did Christ ascent in acts chapter 1
What did Judas Iscaroit buy with the money he was paid for betraying Jesus
A field
Name the person who was chosen to be the 12th apostle
In addition to praying, how did the Apostle determine the replacement for Judas iscariot in acts chapter 1
Cast lots
Which individual replaced judas as an apostle in acts chapter1
In Acts chapter two, the "sound from heaven" which filled the house at Pentecost sounded like what
a rushing wind
According to Acts chapter two, what did some people in Jerusalem believe to be the cause of the Christians' behavior at Pentecost
They believed the Christians were drunk on new wine
According to Acts chapter two, it was not possible that Jesus should be held by what
What two things did St. Peter tell the crowd at Pentecost to do after they asked him, "What shall we do
Repent and be baptized
In Acts chapter three, how long had the lame man suffered from his infirmity
He was lame from his mothers womb
What was the name of the gate to which the lame man was taken in acts chapter 3
What was the name of the porch from which peter preached in acts chapter 3
Solomon's Porch
To whom did God say this: "and in your seed all the families of the earth shall be blessed"
Holy forefather Abraham
According to Acts 4, what did members of the early Church in Jerusalem do with their money
They laid it at the feet of Apostles
What was the name of Ananias's wife in Acts 5
What happened in Acts 5 to Ananias when his lie was revealed
He died
One of the Pharisees in the council, a famous teacher of the law who was held in respect by all the people, told the council: "Keep away from these men and let them alone; for if this plan or this work is of men, it will come to nothing; but if it is of God, you cannot overthrow it — lest you eve be found to fight against God." This rabbi's name was:
What accusation did the members of the Synagogue of the Freedmen make against St. Stephen in Acts chapter six
That he spoke blasphemous words against Moses and God
Stephen was arrested and brought before the council. When the members of the council gazed or looked at Stephen's face, it had a specific appearance to them. What did Stephen's face look like?
The face of an angel
God prophesied Abraham's descendents would be in bondage for how long
400 years
Which Holy Forefather begot the 12 patriarchs,as states in Acts 7
According to Acts chapter seven, to what sea did the Israelites come after being led from Egypt by Moses
The Red Sea
On which mountain did the Angel speak with Moses
Moung Sinai
According to Acts chapter seven, how was St. Stephen martyred
He was stoned to death
Before Stephen died, he prayed, "Lord, Jesus receive my spirit." And then he knelt down and cried out with a loud voice. What did he say
Lord, do not charge them with this sin
According to Acts chapter eight, who made havoc of the Church by imprisoning men and women
In Acts chapter eight, for what did Simon offer the Apostles money
To be given the power that anyone on whom he laid hands might receive the Holy Spirit
According to Acts chapter nine, what happened to the light as Saul journeyed from Jerusalem to Damascus
A light from heaven shone around Saul
According to Acts chapter nine, Who spoke to Saul on his journey to Damascus
What happened to Saul after Jesus spoke to him in Acts chapter nine
He was blind
After the Lord departed from Saul on the road to Damascus, Saul arose from the ground and opened his eyes, but could see nothing. How long was Saul blind
Three days
According to Acts chapter nine, in what activity did Saul immediately engage after his conversion in Damascus
He preached Christ in the synagogues
Who brought Saul to the Apostles in Acts chapter nine
St. Barnabas
What happened to Dorcas in Acts chapter nine?
She became sick and died
In Acts chapter nine, what did the widows show St. Peter while they weeped in Dorcas' room
Tunics and garments she had made
According to Acts 10, a Christian named Simon had what surname
According to Acts 10, to whom did Jesus appear after his resurrection
Witnesses chosen before by God
According to Acts chapter eleven, the followers of Christ scattered because of the persecution that arose over who
A prophet came from Jerusalem to Antioch and foretold that there would be a great famine over all the world. The name of this prophet was:
According to Acts chapter twelve, which king harassed the Church in Judea
Who freed St. Peter from prison in Acts chapter twelve
An angel
According to Acts chapter twelve, what happened to the guards who were on duty when St. Peter was freed from prison
Heros ordered them to be put to death
Herod the king made a great oration to the people of Tyre and Sidon. The people proclaimed him to be a god. He accepted their praise and did not give credit to God. What happened to him then
He was eaten by worms after being struck by the Lord
According to Acts 13, what was another name by which Saul was called
Sergius Paulus
According to Acts 15, why did Paul and Barnabas separate
Barnabas wanted to take John called Mark with them, while Paul did not
According to Acts 16, who was a seller of purple from the city of Thyatria
Who said the following in Acts 16: "Sirs, what must I do to be saved?"
Philippian jailer
Paul found one particular alter in awthens very interesting and used it as a point of reference in his sermon to the Arhenians. What was the inscription on this altar
According to Acts chapter eighteen, what husband-and-wife team did St. Paul meet in Corinth
Aquila and Pricilla
When Paul arrived in Corinth, he met a man named Aquila and his wife Priscilla who were in the same profession as Paul. What did they do for a living
They were tent makers
Why were the silversmiths angry with Paul in Acts 19
St. Paul's preaching converted many people, thereby reducing sales of silver statues and causing the goddess Diana to be despised.
According to Acts 20, what Gospel did Paul claim to preach
The gospel of the grace of God
Which man prophesied that Paul would be thrown into the hands of the Gentiles by the Jews of Jerusalem
According to Acts chapter twenty-one, how long was St. Paul in the Temple during the days of purification
Seven days
How did the Jews say that Paul "defiled this holy place" (referring to the Temple) in chapter 21
He brought Greeks into the Temple
Who rescued St. Paul from the mob during the riot in the Temple in Acts chapter twenty-one
Roman soldiers and centurions
According to Acts chapter twenty-one, where was St. Paul taken when the commander of the garrison was unable to discern the truth regarding the riot
To the barracks
According to Acts 22, Paul was brought up in Jerusalem at whose feel
According to Acts 22, at what time of day did a great light shone around Paul as he journeyed to Damascus
The name of the island on which Paul was shipwrecked was:
According to Acts 28, how many people gaurded Paul in Rome
According to Acrs 24, under what form of imprisonment did Felix hold Paul during his trial
Paul had his liberity and was allowed to see visitors
The wife of Felix, the governor of Caesarea was Jewish. Her name was:
According to Festus in Acts chapter twenty-five, what were the questions St. Paul's accusers raised against him
Questions about their own religion and about a certain Jesus
According to Festus in Acts chapter twenty-five, what did the whole assembly of Jews cry out
That Paul was not fit to live any longer
According to Paul in Acts 26, which was the strictest sect in Judaism
According to St. Paul in Acts chapter twenty-six, what did the prophets and Moses predict Christ would proclaim to both Jews and Gentiles
From what did Paul fast during the tempest in Acts 27