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literary terms


the series of related events occuring in a story


the location/area in which the story takes place


the concept or central message that is conveyed in the story


when the author provides hints of what is later to come in the story


the highest point of the story, what the conflicts and complications build up to

dynamic character

changes in some way throughout the story


against the main character


the main character in the story, usually the "good guy"


a type of figurative language in which a nonhuman subject is given human characteristics


comparison between two unlike things using "like" or "as"


person/thing/animal appearing in a story.

minor character

character in the story, but is not of great importance.

static character

character that remains the same throughout the story


an exaggeration, over-statement


when the opposite of what is expected happens

round character

character that usually shows many sides of personality and shows growth or maturity throughout the story

flat character

character that usually only shows one side of his/her personality and shows growth


a reference in literary work to a person, place, or thing in histroy or another work of literature.


one who tells the story

point of view

a way the events of a story are conveyed to the reader


the tension that the author uses to create a feeling of discomfort about the unknown


struggle between opposing forces


the personality a character displays


word whose sound imitates/suggests its meaning

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