35 terms

Unit Three: Language

language for mr. rodriguez
means of communicating by use of signs, gestures, marks, and vocalization
local or regional characteristics of a language
language family
languages thought to have a shared but fairly distant origin
language subfamily
thought to have a more definite commanality, divisions of familes
language group
sets of individual languages; divisions of subfamilies
a geo. boundary within which a particular linguist feature occurs
preliterate society
society that speaks, but doesnt read or write
standard language
variant of language which intellectuals and gov. use
indo european languages
language family spoken by 1/2 the worlds people
language convergence
long isolated languages coming together
language divergence
languages breaking apart
language replacement
replacing smaller language with bigger one
sound shifts
the way a word that means the same thing changes in different areas
deep reconstruction
finding vocab of a lost language and trying to rebuild it
proto indo european
language which came before Latin, greek, sanscript
pre proto indo european language
na dene
second oldest, second largest indigenous family of language
oldest, largest indigenous family language
eskimo aleut
youngest, smallest indigenous family language in Greenberg hypothesis
agricultural theory
language spread when agriculture spread
conquest theory
theory that language spread by conquest
the study of place names
official language
language selected to promote internal cohesiveness in a state
monolingual states
countries in which only one language is spoken
multilingual states
countries in which more than one language is spoken
lingual franca
common language spoken by groups of different languages to communicate
lingua franca that is beginning to develop its own words
language that began as pidgin and became its own
languuage that was an attempt to create global language
the belief that members of one race are superior to members of other races
a group of people within society that is distinguished by other and by itself,on the basis of race and cultural characteristics.
plural society
a society in which different cultural groups keep their own identity and beliefs and traditions
ethnic islands
a small ethnic area in the rural countryside
cultural linkage
a culturally shared trait that gives an ethnic group a strengthened sense of awareness and self-identity
cultural revival
The regeneration of a long dormant culture through internal renewal and external infusion.