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Psych Final 2

Wolfgang Koehler and Max Wertheimer were among a group of psychologists that established which field of psychology...
In a psychological experiment, the factor that is manipulated by the investigator to determine its effect is called the ________ variable
The difference between the highest and lowest scores in a distribution is the:
A research would be most likely to discover a positive correlation between:
intelligence and academic success
In order to find out how students who are enrolled in general psychology feel about volunteering for a psychology experiment, you would most likely use the ________ method.
Correlational research is most useful for the purpose of:
Some psychological studies take years or even decades to complete.
A tentative explanation that can be tested and confirmed is call a/n
Psychologists can never deceive participants in a study.
A cardinal rule of naturalistic observation is to
avoid disturbing the subjects being studied
The methodological approach most like the "real" world is
naturalistic observation
Psychologists study animals because
similar processes often underlie animal and human behavior
A statistical measure that indicates the extent to which changes in one factor are accompanied by changes in another is called a(n)
correlation coefficient.
The ________ approves research done by psychologists at most universities.
ethics review committee or institutional review board
Asking your friends their opinion on a topic is a good way to figure out how people in the larger community feel about that topic.
Surveys indicate that people are much less likely to support "welfare" than "aid to the needy." These somewhat paradoxical survey results best illustrate the importance of:
wording efects
As a scientist, you only have to conduct a study once to be sure that the results are valid.
A small group of subjects chosen from a population in which we are interested is called a(n)
Deception is allowed by the APA Code of Ethics for all of the following EXCEPT _________.
If itsreplicating another story
Which measure of central tendency is used to calculate your grade-point average
A specification of how a research measures/define a research variables is known as a(n):
operational diviation
If those who watch a lot of TV violence are also particularly likely to behave aggressively, this would not necessarily indicate that watching TV violence influence aggressive behavior because:
correlation does not prove causation.
In a psychological experiment, the factor that may be influenced by the manipulated experimental treatment is called the _________ variable
Taking a pill that does not contain any medicine might have the same effects as taking one that does.
Most research psychologists now believe that:
no evidence of processing esp
Luis conducted a study of the attitudes and savings behavior. He followed 100 participants for 10 years. Louis conducted a _______ study.
In a study of the effects of alcohol consumption, some participants drank a nonalcoholic beverage that actually smelled and tasted like alcohol. This nonalcoholic drink was a
Which technique involves repeating the essence of an earlier research study with different participants and in different circumstances