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test on exploration and tradddeeee


Spanish conquest in the Americas during the 15th to 19th resulted in
A. economic dominance for the colonizing country.
B. the destruction of many Native American civilizations.
C. the influx of wealth into Europe
D. all of these answers are correct


To conquer the Aztec empire, Hernan Cortes formed alliances with conquered people who _________ the Aztecs.


At the top of Spanish colonial society were the

European, Africa

The first leg of the triangular trade route brought ___________ goods to ________.


To ensure that its colonies would be profitable, Spain established _________ laws for its colonies.


Which European country was the leader in developing and applying 15th century sailing innovations?
A. Italy
B. Spain
C. Portugal
D. the Netherlands

building a fur trade

What was the main economic activity in New France?


All of the following describe the Atlantic slave system EXCEPT:
A. extensive government planning and regulation of the economy (a financial revolution)
B. a conscious policy to establish more port cities
C. the production and distribution of propaganda
D. Military conquest in all corners of the globe.


According to Mercantilist theory, a national economy could only grow if the home country and its _________ were to trade exclusively with each other.

Hernan Cortes

Who was primarily responsible for the conquest of the Aztecs in the early 16th century?

deceived, captured, and killed

Francisco Pizarro was able to conquer the Incas because he __________, __________, and __________ the Inca emperor.

Spanish, themselves

Conquistadors are best described as ______________ adventurers who sought to gain wealth and glory for ____________.

New World

Creoles were those born in the _____ _________ whose ancestry was European.

Native Americans

The encomienda was a grant awarding colonists the right to the labor of __________ _____________.


The single most important element in the success of the European conquest of the Americas was the ____________ that decimated native populations.

the Treaty of Tordesillas

What treaty divided the potential empires of Spain and Portugal?

to convert Native Americans.

The English founded colonies in North America for all the following reasons except the desire


Besides the introduction of diseases, the Columbian Exchange affected the people of Americas by
A. increasing sources of protein in their diet
B. introducing animals that could be used for transportation and warfare
C. introducing crops that could most efficiently be cultivated by slave labor.
D. All of these answers are correct.

rulers, middlemen

In general, the chief way that European slave traders obtained slaves was by purchasing them from African __________ rulers or ________.

essays from test. they are importantt


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